ABA – Community Involvement In Decision Making

The Contoocook Valley School Board recognizes that the public has vast resources of training and experience useful to schools.  The strength of the local school district is in large measure determined by the degree to which these resources are tapped for advisory purposes and to the degree that theses resources are involved in supporting the improvement of the local educational program.

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AD – Education Philosophy

As trustees of the ConVal School District, we recognize that parents, students, the community, and the public school system all share in the responsibility of public education.

We believe that:

• our public schools are entrusted with developing in all our students the knowledge,

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ADD: Safe Schools

The Board recognizes that effective learning and teaching takes place in a safe, secure and welcoming environment and that safe schools contribute to improved attendance, increased student achievement and community support.

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BDB — Board Officers

  1. At the first meeting of the School Board after the District Voting in March, the Board shall elect a Chairperson and a Vice-Chairperson. Candidates for Chairperson shall have served at least two years as a member of the Board.

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BDD – Board-Superintendent Relationship

The School Board believes that policy-making is a primary function of the School Board and that the execution of those policies is the primary function of the Superintendent.

Delegation by the Board of its executive powers to the Superintendent provides freedom for the Superintendent to manage the schools within the Board’s policies and frees the Board to devote its time to policy-making and statutory functions.

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BDG — School District Attorney

The School Board recognizes that the increasing complexity of School District operations frequently requires procurement of professional legal services.

A decision to seek legal advice or assistance on behalf of the School District shall normally be made by the Superintendent or by persons specifically authorized by the Superintendent.

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BEDC — Quorum

A simple majority of the ConVal School Board shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.

 Participating Electronically from a Remote Location

When it is not reasonably practical for a member to attend in person,

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BEDG — Minutes

Under RSA 91-A, the school board, and each of the school board’s committees (whether standing or ad hoc, or whether deemed a sub-committee or an advisory committees) is required to keep minutes for every “meeting”

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BGB: Policy Adoption

Except for policy actions to be taken on emergency measures, the adoption of School Board policies should follow this sequence which will take place at least at two regular or special meetings of the School Board:


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DA – Fiscal Management Plan

The Board recognizes the importance of excellent fiscal management in managing public resources to achieve the goals of the educational plan of the district. The board will be vigilant in fulfilling its responsibilities to see that these funds are used wisely to achieve the purpose for which they are allocated.

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DB – Annual Budget

One of the primary responsibilities of the School Board is to secure adequate funds to carry out a high-level program of instruction.

The adopted annual school budget is the financial outline of the District’s educational program;

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DFA – Investment

The School Board authorizes the School District Treasurer working in conjunction with
the Superintendent and his/her designee and pursuant to RSA 197:23-a to invest the funds of the
District subject to the following objectives and standards or care.

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DIA – Fund Balance


The purpose of this policy is to establish guidelines for the District’s fund balances in order to maintain and improve financial stability and to protect the District from unforeseen budgetary situations such as emergencies,

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DIB – Trust Funds

Per NH Statute 198:20-c, and RSA 35:1-c, any town, school district, county, or village district may establish a reserve fund for the maintenance and operation of a specific public facility or type of facility,

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DID – Fixed Assets


The ConVal School District has invested in a broad range of capital assets that are used in the school system’s operations. The Superintendent will designate the person responsible for managing the District’s capital assets and maintaining the fixed assets inventory.

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DIE – Audits

The books and accounts of the District shall be audited yearly. The audit to be performed will meet the single audit procedures prescribed by the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB).

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DJ – Purchasing

The function of purchasing is to serve the educational program by providing the necessary supplies, equipment, and services.

The acquisition of supplies, equipment, and services will be centralized in the business office,

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DJD — Local Purchasing

It shall be the policy of the school district to purchase locally, provided goods of equal quality and at competitive prices are available from local suppliers.

The district purchasing agent should not feel bound to purchase any item locally that can be secured at a saving to the school district from outside sources,

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DKA – Payroll Procedures

All wages earned by employees will be paid through the business office.

Payroll procedures are dependent on accurate accounting of hours worked. The process for this will be established by the Superintendent and carried out by administrative personnel.

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EBB — Safe Schools

The Board recognizes that effective learning and teaching takes place in a safe, secure and welcoming environment and that safe schools contribute to improved attendance, increased student achievement and community support.

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EBCB – Fire Drills

Fire drills will be scheduled by the building principal pursuant to state statute and/or the New Hampshire Department of Safety. Exceptions to the frequency of such drills may be granted pursuant to state law.

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EBCC – Bomb Threats

The School Board recognizes that bomb threats are a significant concern to the schools. Whether the threat is real or a hoax, a bomb threat represents a potential danger to the safety and welfare of students,

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EBCE – School Closings

No school, office, or system event cancellation or delay will be made without the direct authorization of the Superintendent of Schools. In the event the Superintendent is unavailable, such decisions will be made by the Assistant Superintendent or designee.

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ECA-R – Safe School Procedures


The procedures set forth below are designed to safeguard access to ConVal Schools for individuals who have legitimate reasons for being in the schools. These procedures have been established to properly identify all visitors to District buildings and regulate access in an effort to protect all students and staff.

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ECAC – Vandalism

Vandalism is defined as the willful damaging, destruction or defacing of school-owned property.
This definition also applies to any deliberate tampering with or misuse of district computer
network services or equipment.

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EFAA — Meal Charging

The District encourages all parents and guardians (hereinafter “parents”) to provide a healthy breakfast and lunch for their student(s). Parents are welcome to send students to school with a “brown bag/lunch box”

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EFE – Vending Machines

The installation and use of vending machines in the schools will be to complement the school lunch program, and encourage students and staff in good eating habits. Contents of vending machines will be in compliance with Policy JLCF,

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EHAA-F: Agreement for Authorized Use of School-Owned Materials

In accordance with the Contoocook Valley School District Acceptable Use Policy:

No school equipment may be used for other than school, school related, civic, or education purposes.

The Board will permit school equipment to be loaned to staff members when such use is related to their employment and to students when the equipment is to be used in connection with their studies or extra-curricular activities. 

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EI – Risk Management

The School Board recognizes its responsibility for properly managing the resources of the school system. This responsibility includes concern for the safety of students, employees and the public, as well as concern for protecting the system’s property from loss.

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FBB – Enrollment Projections

Enrollment projections will be prepared every five years under the direction of the Superintendent and will be reviewed and brought up to date annually.

The projections will take into consideration the following:

  1. School registration figures
  2. Review of forthcoming changes in town planning and zoning
  3. Review of current and planned community land development and housing projects

Whenever construction of new school facilities or the closing of any school buildings is being contemplated,

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FE – Facilities Construction

Changing educational needs require the planning, design, and construction of new educational facilities as well as to renovate or make additions to existing schools. The size, complexity, and potential cost for such a program requires that the Superintendent develop a comprehensive plan in the following areas:

  1. Educational program spatial requirements and assessment of the adequacy of existing facilities to accommodate present or proposed educational programs.

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GBGA – Staff Health

I. Medical Examination of School Personnel

All school personnel shall be required to have a pre-employment post offer medical examination by a licensed physician. Any person who objects to all or part of any medical examination because of religious beliefs shall be exempt from the examination,

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GCQAB – Tutoring For Pay

No teacher, other District employee, or contracted service provider, may receive pay for tutoring one of his/her current pupils. Teachers, other District employees, and contracted service providers shall not tutor for pay any child from his/her building without prior written approval from the building principal.

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IC – School Year

The school year shall include a minimum of 180 instructional days for students and additional days for the teaching staff, emergency days, etc.

Any days that the schools are closed for emergency reasons will be made up at the end of the school year or during recess periods,

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IF – Instructional Approach

It is the policy of the School Board that instruction will be aligned with the goals, mission, and policies of the School District.  Additionally, the District’s instructional program will comply with the rules of the NH Department of Education and all applicable state statutes and federal law.

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IHBAF – Child Find

The Contoocook Valley School District ensures that all children with disabilities who are two and-a-half (2.5) years of age or older but less than twenty-one (21) years of age, within its geographic boundaries,

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IHBG – Home Education Instruction


The School Board recognizes the right of parents to pursue home education within the parameters RSA 193-A and other applicable state laws and regulations.

Enrollment Procedures

Any parent commencing a home education program for a child who withdraws from the School District shall notify the New Hampshire Department of Education,

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IHCA – Summer Activity

The Board recognizes that student learning is an ongoing process and that it is important for students to engage in learning activities even when not attending school. Therefore, the Board encourages students to have a plan for summer activities that support student learning.

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IIB – Class Size

The ConVal School District will adhere to all state laws and regulations pertaining to class size. In the event of scheduling conflicts, staffing shortages, space limitations, fiscal limitations, or other issues that prevent a classroom from adhering to class size regulations,

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IJOA – K-12 Field Trip

Field trips that support curriculum goals shall be encouraged and shall be planned carefully as an integral part of instructional units.  Trips organized by school officials will be considered as school activities and all of the regular school rules and regulations shall be in effect. 

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IJOC – Volunteers

The District recognizes the valuable contribution made by volunteer assistance of parents and other citizens. The Superintendent is responsible for developing and implementing procedures for the selection and utilization of volunteers,

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IJOC-R Volunteers

Volunteer Duties

A. Complete an application form describing their skills, interests and availability.

B.  Serve in the capacity of assistants and not be assigned to roles which require specific professional training.

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IK – Earning of High School Credit

A. Demonstration of Mastery

Students can earn course credit by demonstrating mastery of the required coursework and material. Mastery is defined in Board policy ILBAA as “a high level of demonstrated proficiency with regard to a competency.”

Student assessment of mastery outside of normal classwork is the responsibility of the building Principal.

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IKA – Grading System

The Superintendent and the building Principals will develop a grading system appropriate for the grade levels of the respective schools. The grading system will be approved by the Board and published in the Parent-Student Handbook.

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IKB – Homework

The term “homework” refers to an assignment to be completed outside of class. The purposes of homework are to improve the learning processes, to aid in the mastery of skills,

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IKFA – Early Graduation

The Board supports early graduation as a means to earn a high school diploma. Parental involvement for students under the age of 18 is required. The high school principal shall approve such requests if he/she determines that all state and local graduation requirements will be met and that early graduation is related to career and/or educational plans of the student making the request.

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IKG – Awards

The Contoocook Valley School District offers a variety of awards sponsored by groups and individuals.  Any new award must be approved by the Contoocook Valley School Board.  The Board will not accept the offer of any award which is discriminatory on the basis of race,

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IMAH – Physical Activity

The Board recognizes that developmentally appropriate daily physical activity, exercise and physical education are ways to promote a healthy lifestyle. The Board recommends that all students in elementary through high school participate in developmentally appropriate physical activity and exercise at for at least 30 to 60 minutes each day as a way to minimize health risks.

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IMBA — Distance Education

Students enrolled in the district may take advantage of distance education opportunities. Distance education means correspondence, video-based, internet/online-based or other similar media that provides educational opportunities, including courses, as a means to fulfill,

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IMDA – Patriotic Exercises

In accordance with federal law, the District shall offer an education program(s) each year on Constitution Day to commemorate the September 17, 1787 signing of the United States Constitution.  The Superintendent or his/her designee shall establish administrative guidelines ensuring that the District observes Constitution Day properly and in a manner befitting the importance of the event.

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JEB – Entrance Age

A student shall enter grade one if his/her chronological age will be six (6) before September 30 of the school year of entry.

A child may only enter Kindergarten if his/her chronological age will be five (5) before September 30 of the school year of entry.

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JFAM – Education of Military Children & Military Connected Students

A. Statement of Purpose and Definition.

It is the Board’s intent to remove barriers to the identification, enrollment, retention, and support in schools of military-connected students.

“Military-connected student” as used in this policy includes any student who is a dependent of a current or former member of:

  1. The US military serving in the Army,

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JH – Attendance, Absenteeism, And Truancy

School-aged children enrolled in the District must attend school in accordance with all applicable state laws and Board policies. The educational program offered by the District is predicated upon the presence of the student and requires continuity of instruction and classroom participation in order for students to achieve academic standards and consistent educational progress.

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JIC – Student Conduct

Students have a responsibility to know and respect the rules and regulations of the school.

Students shall receive annually, at the opening of school, a publication (student handbook) listing the rules and regulations to which they are subject.

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JICDDA – Simple Assaults: Parental Notification Policy

In cases of all assaults, the building principal, or assistant, shall notify the involved students parents by telephone and letter about the incident. The letter from the building or assistant principal shall describe the incident and the seriousness and harm done or potential harm and the School District s response to the incident to the extent permitted by confidentiality laws and regulations.

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JICFA – Hazing

This District does not permit or condone student hazing.  It is the policy of the District that no student organization, or any person associated with any organization sanctioned by the District shall engage or participate in hazing.

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JJIB — Interscholastic Athletics

The Contoocook Valley School Board believes individual students will benefit through opportunities to grow physically and intellectually through their experience in self-discipline and their contribution to team effort made possible through competitive interschool and intramural team and individual sports activities.

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JLCF – Wellness

Category: Priority/Required by Law Related Policies: EF, IMAH, JLC, JLCF & JLCI

The Board recognizes the importance of proper nutrition and developmentally appropriate physical activity as ways of promoting healthy lifestyles,

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JLF – Reporting Child Abuse

Each school employee,  designated volunteer, or contracted service provider having reason to suspect that a child is being or has been abused or neglected, shall immediately report (or have the Principal or designee report) his/her suspicions to the Division for Children,

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KD — Official School District Social Media Accounts, Websites, and Platforms Used for Public Information

The ConVal School Board recognizes the value of technology such as social media accounts, websites and platforms in promoting community involvement and collaboration.  The purpose of any official digital district social media platform shall be to further the district’s vision and mission,

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KE – Public Complaints

The primary purpose of School Board meetings is to conduct the business of the Board as it relates to school policies, programs, and operations. The Board encourages residents to attend Board meetings so that they may become acquainted with the operation and programs of the schools.

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