JJIB — Interscholastic Athletics

The Contoocook Valley School Board believes individual students will benefit through opportunities to grow physically and intellectually through their experience in self-discipline and their contribution to team effort made possible through competitive interschool and intramural team and individual sports activities.

It is the Board’s policy to provide interscholastic athletic competition in a variety of sports.  Students shall be allowed to participate in school-sponsored sports on the basis of their physical condition and desire.  Qualified personnel should be provided for coaching and supervising such programs.  In addition, it is the policy of the Board to provide intramural athletic activities as an outgrowth of class instruction in physical education and commensurate with the grade level of the students involved.

The purpose of school athletics is both educational and recreational.  The athletic program should encourage participation by as many boys and girls as possible and should be carried on with the best interests of the participants as the first consideration.  This should be done without unreasonable interference with other obligations in the school community.

It is recognized that a well-organized and well-conducted athletic program is a potent factor in the morale of a school student body and an important phase of good community-school relations.  Too great an emphasis on winning contests or too consistent a record of losing them are both harmful to the development of good attitudes among students and the public.

Policy Conditions

  1. Students must provide written documentation that they have passed a physical at least once in the preceding 24 months prior to participation on the team. Students and parents should note that this may require a student to take and pass a physical during the school year, even if the student has already participated on a school athletic team during that school year.

This requirement does not apply to students participating in intramural athletics.

  1. The athletic program is an integral part of the school curriculum and comes under the

authority of the principal to the same degree as do all other phases of the curriculum.

  1. Those teachers having direct responsibility for the conduct of the athletic program of the school are required to conform in all ways to the general education program as laid down by the Board and administration, including such matters as schedules, financial expenditures, relationships with other schools, and health and safety regulations.
  1. The High School is a member of the New Hampshire Interscholastic Athletic Association (NHIAA), and in all athletic matters will adhere firmly to the rules and regulations of that body and to the philosophy of sports which NHIA encourages. The eligibility of students to participate in the athletic program is determined in accordance with NHIAA regulations.
  1. Expenditures for the athletic program are incorporated as part of the general budget of the Board. Coaches of each sport will submit their budgetary needs to the athletic director for the next school year, and the latter will present the total athletic budget request to the principal for approval and inclusion in the general budget.  No expenditures for athletic purposes may be made in excess of those approved in the budget without approval of the Superintendent.
  1. District participation in interscholastic athletics shall be subject to approval by the Board. This shall include approval of membership in any leagues, associations, or conferences, of rules for student participation, and of annual sports schedules.
  1. Insurance against accident or injury shall be provided by the parents for students engaging in interscholastic athletics, who shall provide evidence of such insurance prior to the start of practice.


The Board hereby adopts the recommendations of the New Hampshire Interscholastic Athletic Association regarding student academic standing and eligibility to participate on school athletic teams.

Scholastic Standing

  1. No pupil who has failed to pass four (4) units of work* during the previous ranking period** shall represent the school in any interscholastic contest. A minimum of four (4) units of work per marking period is required for participation in interscholastic athletics.


  1. Basic Ranking Period

Not less than six (6) weeks

  1. Previous Basic Ranking Period

Indicates the last prior ranking period of the school year.

  1. Passing Grade

As determined by the NHIAA individual member high schools.

Summer School:  A student athlete may not regain athletic eligibility by making up academic deficiencies or failures of the regular school year during the summer months.

  1. Incompletes:  Incompletes are not to be considered passing grades for purposes of eligibility.

* A unit of work reflects a course that meets the equivalent of 5 times per week.

** This is interpreted as the school’s previous ranking period not the student’s previous ranking period.

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1st Read:  April 5, 2016

2nd Read:  April 19, 2016

Adopted:  April 19, 2016