GBJ – Personnel Records

The District will not disclose any employee’s personally identifiable data or information to any person outside of the District, except as may be required by law. Such data or information may be shared with District employees, as necessary.
Personnel Files

The Contoocook Valley School District keeps certain records relating to staff’s employment in a personnel file. The documents contained within these files are the property of the District and must be maintained for government and District record-keeping purposes. Some employment records are kept in separate files, such as records relating to medical conditions and leave, records relating to investigations, and records relating to 1-9 requirements. Except as otherwise required by the Right to Know Law, all files connected with an employee are considered strictly confidential, and access will be limited only to those who have a job-related need to know the information and who have been authorized to see the file in question.

If an employee wishes to view the contents of his or her personnel file, the employee should make prior arrangements to report during off-duty time or, with permission from his or her immediate supervisor, during work time to the Human Resources office and file a written request with the records Human Resource, or other designated individual. Human Resources will verify the employee’s identity and show him or her to an area where they can view the contents of their file. If the employee would like to receive a copy of a District record relating to their employment, they should let Human Resources know which document(s) need to be copied. Copies are ten cents per page*, payable in advance.
The employee may not take or alter any document found within their personnel file. If the employee disagrees with one of the documents, the employee may ask the Human Resources Director for permission to add a document containing their comments regarding the document with which they disagree.
The personnel files will be maintained in District archives in accordance with all applicable legal requirements.

*Copy Charges
1. The District may assess a charge of 10 cents per page for each standard 8 ½ x 11 or 8 ½ x 14 black and white copy produced.
2. If a record is maintained in color and can be produced in color, and the requestor then requests a color copy, the District may assess a charge of 25 cents per page for each 8 ½ x 11 or 8 ½ x 14 color copy produced.
3. Delivery of copies of records to a requestor is anticipated to be by hand delivery. If the copies of records are requested to be delivered through the United States Postal Service, for example, the cost incurred in delivering the copies may be assessed in addition to any other permitted charge.

Legal Reference:
 RSA 91-A:5, Access to Public Records
     RSA 189:65, VII-a, Student and Teacher Information Protection and Privacy
     RSA 189:67, Limits on Disclosure of Information

     Appendix GBJ-R

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See also GBEC

1st Read: September 18, 2018

2nd Read: October 2, 2018

Adopted: October 2, 2018