BBBF – Student Board Members

A. General Policy

The Board will have one student school board member from Contoocook Valley Regional High School.
Student School Board members (“Student-members”) will not have the right to vote and will be excluded from all non-public sessions the Board enters.

B. Election and Term of Student School Board-Members.

Student-members will serve one-year terms, beginning on September 1, of each year.

Student-members will be chosen by the high school student body under procedures for nomination and election established by the student government of the high school.

C. Responsibilities of Student Government.

The student government of the high school shall establish procedures for:
1. The nomination and election of Student-member candidates;
2. Any public high school student in the school district to petition the Student-member to present proposals and opinions to the School Board;
3. Filling any vacancy that may occur in the Student-member position from that school.

Category R

Legal References:
RSA 189:1-c, School Board Student Member
RSA 194:23-f, High School Student as a Board Member

First Read: March 7, 2023
Second Read: March 21, 2023
Adopted: March 21, 2023