AD – Education Philosophy

As trustees of the ConVal School District, we recognize that parents, students, the community, and the public school system all share in the responsibility of public education.

We believe that:

• our public schools are entrusted with developing in all our students the knowledge, skills, character, and values of discipline, responsibility, effort, honesty, fairness, and a desire for lifelong learning, all of which are needed to manage one’s life and to serve society’s best interests.

• all students are entitled to develop their individual powers of intelligence: to think, to know, to reflect, to observe, to imagine, to appreciate, to question, and to judge. Such development should occur in a safe and nurturing environment.

• our public schools enhance the common good by instilling in students a sense of the nation’s history and tradition, and the connection between the past, the present, and the future. Moreover, public education should educate the students not only to recognize, but also to appreciate the diversity that enriches our rapidly changing world. Finally, public education should instruct students in the rights and responsibilities of citizens in a free, democratic society.

• as valued professionals, our teachers and staff are the basis of our educational system and programs.

• parent and community involvement are essential to the ConVal School District, and we strive to be responsive to our community.

Legal Reference:
NH Code of Administrative Rules, Section Ed. 306.05, School Philosophy, Goals, and Objectives

1st Read: December 20, 2011
2nd Read: February 7, 2012
Adopted: February 7, 2012