DBC – Budget Preparation

The Superintendent will establish procedures for the involvement of staff in the development of the budget proposal.

The School Board will adopt guidelines and a schedule each year for the timely submission of the budget to the Board.

Legal References

RSA 195:12, Cooperative School District: Budget
RSA 197:5-a, School Meetings & Officers: Budget
RSA 32:4, Preparation of Budgets: Estimate of Expenditures and Revenues
RSA 32:5, Budget Preparation
RSA 40:13, Use of Official Ballot
NH Code of Administrative Rules- Section Ed 302:02 (a), Substantive Duties
of the Superintendent.

Category: R

1st Read: September 18, 2012
2nd Read: November 13, 2012
Adopted: November 13, 2012

Reviewed: January 5, 2023