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The ConVal School Board wishes to remind residents of the 9 district towns of the upcoming interactive community forum the board and district administration are hosting in-person and online.

The forum will take place Monday,

The ConVal School Board is pleased to invite stakeholders to an upcoming community forum, where they will have the opportunity to engage with the board and learn more about the district’s work with students and the proposed budget for the upcoming fiscal year.

by Janine Lesser
Chair, ConVal School Board

The day to vote on the 2023-24 ConVal budget is March 14th in your local polling place. All households in the nine towns in our regional school district will receive an annual flyer with the budget and the warrant articles,

by Jim Fredrickson
Chairman, Budget & Property Committee
ConVal School Board

This final article will review how the school budget is used to calculate the “local education” portion of property taxes in the nine towns in the District.

Upcoming Events

March Thursday
Selectmen’s Advisory Committee Mtg. @ SAU Office
7:00 pm

2022-2023 School Board Goals

District Safety
• Provide for the security and safety of all students and staff
• Evaluate safety procedures
• Make recommended improvements
• Ensure plans are considered within the context of reconfiguration and renovation

District Reconfiguration
• School Board will work towards reconfiguration, using the current RFI/RFP process
• School Board will work towards providing reconfiguration analysis and an implementation plan

Support Administration Academic Goals
• Provide appropriate support for the administration’s ambitious goals of improved math and ELA test scores K-12
• Provide appropriate support for the administration’s goals for social emotional learning, with an emphasis on “The First Eight Weeks” curriculum and a focus on 8-12 resources for teachers and administrators

Support Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Access to all opportunities for students in the District.