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by ConVal School Board Member Kevin Pobst

Each May, as sunny days multiply and the end of the school year is just around the corner, sustaining students’ attention to schoolwork becomes more challenging.

A recent survey of ConVal parents and teachers reflects this annual phenomenon, but also shows that there is still a high level of student engagement with their remote learning activities – 80% of parents and teachers say that students are “engaged” to “highly engaged” with remote learning.

We want to thank all the ConVal teachers for all they are doing and making happen for our students and families during this unexpected challenge.

We have always respected our teachers’ dedication, knowledge, passion, and the connections they make with our children. But this year, there are no words that can begin to express how appreciative we are for all that our ConVal teachers are doing. 

by ConVal School Board Member Janine Lesser

The Covid19 Pandemic has thrust the world into a place it hasn’t seen in the lifetimes of our current generations. To see the changes that we are all struggling with is to see a world-down to the family level – that is challenging all of us to re-evaluate where we have been and where we are going.

The impacts of COVID-19 on the finances of the ConVal School District are not clear.

The Administration and School Board are in the process of determining the impacts but, at this time, there are many unknowns. The effects of remote instruction can be increased expenses in some budget lines and potential cost savings in others.

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June Tuesday
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June Tuesday
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June Thursday
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June Monday
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2019-2020 School Board Goals

  1. Review and modify ConVal’s present strategic plan by March 2020 in preparation for beginning “ConVal 2025” Strategic plan.
  2. Monitor, evaluate, and support continuous improvement related to equity between the two middle schools, and the mathematical program at the ConVal High School.
  3. Provide the resources necessary to implement the universal preschool program.
  4. Review the administration’s report on the implications of students graduating with multiple credentials including but not limited to an Associate Degree or workplace certification through community and educational partnerships and decide the next steps for the District by March 2020.
  5. Continue focus on a comprehensive board communication plan with additional emphasis on the development of a fiscally responsible district budget.