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For an early presentation preview and questions for the ConVal Community Forum on May 12, 2022, please click here.

To see the detailed agenda for the ConVal Community Forum on May 12, 2022, please click here.

Your ConVal School Board and Administration are moving forward in planning the next ConVal Community Forum on Thursday, May 12, 2022 at 7-9 PM.

We are excited about providing you this opportunity for a constructive, open, informative and meaningful dialog. With an activity such as this there are lots of things to know so you can be prepared for participating in and making this a successful experience.

In our continuing commitment to provide an open, transparent and informative dialog with the ConVal community your School Board and Administration is pleased to announce the next ConVal quarterly Community Forum. This forum will take place both at the Lucy Hurlin Theater at ConVal High School and via live stream on Thursday, May 12, 2022,

Upcoming Events

May Tuesday
Equity Committee Mtg. @ SAU Office
5:30 pm
May Thursday
Selectmen’s Advisory Committee Mtg. @ SAU Office
7:00 pm
June Tuesday
Policy Committee Mtg. @ SAU Office
6:00 pm
June Tuesday
School Board Mtg. @ SAU Office
7:00 pm
June Monday
Education Committee Mtg. @ SAU Office
5:30 pm
June Tuesday
Budget & Property Committee Mtg. @ SAU Office
6:00 pm

2021-2022 School Board Goals

1. Strategic Plan
The Board will actively engage in the development of a Strategic Plan that is forward thinking, addresses the ConVal mission and vision, includes a defined pathway forward for consolidation / reorganization of the District schools for consideration by District voters, and a thorough identification of maintenance and capital needs for development of a bond proposal in March 2023.

2. Budget and Finance
The Board, in cooperation with the administration, will propose a budget that meets the needs of the District with sensitivity to the burden on taxpayers that we can present to the voters with full transparency and confidence.

3. Communication
The Board, working with the Superintendent, will increase Board communication including proactive communication with the community on Board matters, engagement of the community via forums that allow for a question and answer format, and will develop strong and supportive community connections and strong partnerships with community organizations, state and local agencies, service providers, and businesses.

4. Learning Recovery / Reopening
The Board will support the District’s learning recovery efforts to address the ongoing negative impact of the pandemic on the academic progress of our students.