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District Meeting Part 2
Voting in Individual Towns
March 10, 2020

As part of the budget planning and approval process, the ConVal School Board has created explanatory documents that are designed to inform the public.

The SAU has prepared a Powerpoint presentation which guided the budget hearing presentation on January 7th. This file is available in .pdf form by clicking here.

by ConVal School Board Member Janine Lesser

Springtime brings new life back to us here in the Northeast — and time to vote on a new school budget. On March 10th, voters in the nine communities of the ConVal School District will vote on the warrant that dictates the school district budget.

As the SAU 1 administrative team and the ConVal School Board prepare to make important school budget decisions to be voted on at the district meeting this March, a familiar struggle is taking shape. The financial demands placed on local schools to maintain high-quality education plays out as taxpayers worry about affordability.

Why are we facing increasing tax rates to fund our schools at the local level?

Upcoming Events

March Tuesday
Policy Committee Mtg. @ SAU
6:00 pm
March Tuesday
School Board Mtg. @ SAU
7:00 pm
March Thursday
Education Committee Mtg. @ SAU
5:30 pm
March Tuesday
School Budget Vote
8:00 am
March Thursday
Budget & Property Committee Mtg. @ SAU
6:00 pm
March Tuesday
Policy Committee Mtg. @ SAU
6:00 pm

2019-2020 School Board Goals

  1. Review and modify ConVal’s present strategic plan by March 2020 in preparation for beginning “ConVal 2025” Strategic plan.
  2. Monitor, evaluate, and support continuous improvement related to equity between the two middle schools, and the mathematical program at the ConVal High School.
  3. Provide the resources necessary to implement the universal preschool program.
  4. Review the administration’s report on the implications of students graduating with multiple credentials including but not limited to an Associate Degree or workplace certification through community and educational partnerships and decide the next steps for the District by March 2020.
  5. Continue focus on a comprehensive board communication plan with additional emphasis on the development of a fiscally responsible district budget.