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As the current Strategic Plan for the ConVal School District near its end in June 2021, efforts are already underway to provide a new plan for the next five-year period which will end in 2026.

Since March, the District has been focused on adapting to the changes needed to continue to serve our students in the environment of COVID-19.

by ConVal School Board Member Jim Fredrickson

December 14, 2020

This post will address the process and the timeline that is being followed to develop the budget for the 2021-2022 school year which will impact final tax bills issued a year from now.

For a detailed discussion of the budget guidance,

by ConVal School Board Member Jim Fredrickson

December 4, 2020

Each of the nine towns in the ConVal school district issues two tax bills every year. 

In July, the preliminary tax bill is issued and in December the final tax bill is issued.  The preliminary tax bill is based on the previous year’s tax rates whereas the final December bill uses actual approved rates.

by ConVal School Board Member Jim Fredrickson

November 25, 2020

“Unreserved Fund Balance” is an important portion in our budget to understand since it represents the amount “returned” to the taxpayers every year in the form of a reduction in tax assessments for the following year.

Unanticipated expenses associated with COVID-19 have reduced the amount available to be returned this year,

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2019-2020 School Board Goals

  1. Review and modify ConVal’s present strategic plan by March 2020 in preparation for beginning “ConVal 2025” Strategic plan.
  2. Monitor, evaluate, and support continuous improvement related to equity between the two middle schools, and the mathematical program at the ConVal High School.
  3. Provide the resources necessary to implement the universal preschool program.
  4. Review the administration’s report on the implications of students graduating with multiple credentials including but not limited to an Associate Degree or workplace certification through community and educational partnerships and decide the next steps for the District by March 2020.
  5. Continue focus on a comprehensive board communication plan with additional emphasis on the development of a fiscally responsible district budget.