DM – Cash In School Buildings

Monies collected by school employees and by student treasurers shall be handled with prudence. All monies collected shall be receipted, accounted for, and directed without delay to the proper location of deposit.

In no case shall monies be left overnight in schools, except in safes provided for safekeeping of valuable. All vending machines shall be emptied of cash daily. All schools shall provide for making bank deposits after regular banking hours in order to avoid leaving money in school overnight. This policy shall be well publicized to deter burglary attempts.

The School District shall procure and maintain fidelity bonds in reasonable amounts, in order to protect against the loss of money, securities, and checks by actual destruction, disappearance, or wrongful abstraction from within all premises and also while off any premises. Such coverage will include a commercial blanket bond covering employee dishonesty, and may include a comprehensive dishonest, disappearance, and destruction bond, with optional coverages depending on the exposures at various locations.

Category: R

April 2, 1991
Amended: August 14, 2012
Amended: October 16, 2012