IIB – Class Size

The ConVal School District will adhere to all state laws and regulations pertaining to class size. In the event of scheduling conflicts, staffing shortages, space limitations, fiscal limitations, or other issues that prevent a classroom from adhering to class size regulations, the Superintendent or designee will contact the New Hampshire Department of Education and seek alternative compliance allowances through the applicable State procedures.

The School Board recognizes the many instructional benefits based on reasonable class sizes. To that end, the Board recommends and will make reasonable efforts to support the following class size guidelines:

Grade Level Number of Students
Kindergarten 15 – 18
Combination Kindergarten/Grade 1*
Grade 1 18 – 20
Combination Grade 1/Grade 2*
Grade 2
Grade 3 20 – 22
Combination Grade 3/Grade 4*
Grade 4
Combination Grade 4/Grade 5*
Grade 5 – Grade 8 22 – 25**
Grade 9 – Grade 12

* When considering combining multiple grades into one class, the guidelines for the lowest grade will be        used.   

**Except for classes that benefit from an increased number of students—e.g., Concert Band.

When class sizes fall below or exceed these guidelines, the staff, administration, and School Board will review all available options and recommendations. Staffing needs, safety, class schedules, as well as material and space allocation will be considered as part of the final decision in adjusting class sizes.

Legal Reference:

NH Code of Administrative Rules, Section Ed 306.17, Class Size

Category: R

1st Read: August 7, 2018
2nd Read: August 21, 2018
Adopted: August 21, 2018