CBI — Superintendent Evaluation

The School Board shall evaluate the Superintendent annually.  The evaluation shall be guided by the definitions of purpose and foundational values stated below.  Evaluation of the Superintendent shall be limited to the duties of the Superintendent as stated in School Board policy CB.

Purpose.  The purpose of evaluation of the Superintendent is to provide the Superintendent with formative feedback to help the Superintendent improve performance.  In addition, the process will enable the Board to provide specific support to the work of the Superintendent and to facilitate on- going communication between the Board and the Superintendent on progress toward goal achievement.  The summative evaluation may serve as a basis for decisions about compensation and continued employment.

Values.  The evaluation process shall be planned mutually.  It should further the organization’s goals as well as foster growth of the professional skills of the Superintendent.  Improving student learning, the performance of the District’s staff, and the efficient and effective management of the organization should form the primary subject matter of each year’s evaluation process.

Communication Timeline.  A committee of three members of the Board will represent the Board in formal communication with the Superintendent regarding evaluation.  Those three members will be the Board Chair, Vice Chair, and the Chair of one of the other School Board Committees chosen by the Board Chairperson.

By the end of June each year the Board committee referenced above will meet with the Superintendent for a goal-setting conference.

By the end of November, the Board committee will meet with the Superintendent for a “check in” conference.

By the end of January each year, the Board committee will meet with the Superintendent to discuss, and summatively assess, the Superintendent’s performance including goal-achievement.

Structure of Goals and Evaluation.  At the goal-setting conference, the Superintendent and the Board committee will agree on measurable goals for the Superintendent to pursue during the evaluation year.

Those goals will be based on School Board goals set for the upcoming year.

Forms and Data.  Appended to this policy is an Implementation Procedure.

Board Review.  Following the Board committee’s summative conference with the Superintendent, the Board committee will meet with the full Board and present a review of that conference.  At this meeting, the Board may discuss a proposal for the Superintendent’s compensation and future employment.

Legal References:

N.H. Code of Administrative Rules, Section Ed 303.01(k), Substantive Duties of School Boards, Superintendent Evaluation

See also Policy AFB

First Read: October 5, 2021
Second Read: October 19, 2021
Adoption: October 19, 2021