IGE – Parental Objections To Specific Course Material

In the event a parent/guardian finds specific course material objectionable, the parent/guardian may notify the building Principal of the specific material to which they object and request that the student receive alternative instruction, sufficient to enable the student to meet state requirements for education in the particular subject area.  This request shall be in writing.

The building Principal and the parent/guardian must mutually agree to the alternative instruction. The alternative instruction agreed upon must meet state requirements for education in the particular subject area.

School District staff will make reasonable efforts, within the scope of existing time, schedules, resources and other duties, to accommodate alternative instruction for the student. Alternative instruction may be provided by the school through approved independent study, or through another method agreed to by the parent/guardian and the building Principal.  Any cost associated with the alternative instruction shall be borne by the parent/guardian.

Parents/guardians who wish for particular instructional material be reviewed for appropriateness may submit a request for review in accordance with Board policy KEC.

In accordance with the federal Protection of Pupil Rights statute, as a School District that receives federal Department of Education funds, the Superintendent shall develop procedures to allow the parent/guardian of a student to inspect any instructional material used as part of the educational curriculum for the student.  The procedures will provide reasonable access to instructional material within a reasonable period of time after the request is received.

NOTE regarding human sexuality and human sexual education:  In addition to the protections under this policy, per RSA 186:11-c and Board policy IHAM, parents/guardians are afforded additional affirmative rights with respect to instruction of human sexuality or human sex education, including, among other things, the right to receive a minimum of 2 weeks advance notice of all materials to be used with respect to such instruction.

Legal References:   

RSA 186:11, IX-b & IX-c State Board of Education; Duties.

20 U.S.C §1232h, (c)(1)(C), Protection of pupil rights

RSA 193:40, Prohibition on Teaching Discrimination

Category:  Priority/Required by Law 


Related policies: IHAM & KEC 

District review/revision history: 


First Read:  January 17, 2023

Second Read:  March 7, 2023

Adopted: March 7, 2023