CFA – Individual School Administrative Personnel



The principals shall be appointed by the School Board following the nomination of the Superintendent. Should the School Board fail to accept the nomination of the Superintendent, the Superintendent will be directed to present another name in nomination.

Candidates for position of principal will file a written application with the Director of Human Resources (HR). All applications will be screened by the HR Director and may be selected for interview by the nominating committee.

Terms of Contract

All appointments will be on a one-year basis between July 1 and June 30.


Building principals shall act as the Chief Administrative Officers for their own school buildings and grounds. They shall be responsible for and shall have authority over the actions of students, professional and non-professional employees, visitors, and persons hired to perform special tasks. They shall perform the powers and duties of Principals prescribed by Part Ed 304 Duties of School Principal School Administration regulations and related RSAs.

All principals shall keep the Superintendent informed of activities in their buildings.

Principals shall attend School Board meetings if requested by the Superintendent or the School Board.


Statutory Authority: RSA 186:8

Ed 304:01 – Substantive Duties

(a) The school principal shall be responsible for the internal organizational structure of the school, the programs of the school, the governance of the student body, the utilization of technology and the utilization of the plant in accordance with local school board policy and/or as directed by the Superintendent of Schools.

(b) The school principal shall evaluate and make recommendations to the Superintendent concerning candidates for professional and non-professional positions in accordance with local School Board policy or as directed by the Superintendent of Schools.

(c) The school principal shall assign, direct, and evaluate all personnel employed with school administrative unit in accordance with local School Board policy, administrative regulations, and as directed by the Superintendent of Schools.

(d) The school principal shall perform any other duties assigned by the Superintendent of Schools in accordance with local School Board policy, state statutes, and regulations of the State Board of Education.

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1st Read: June 4, 2013
2nd Read: June 18, 2013
Adoption: June 18, 2013