GCO – Teacher Performance And Evaluation

The School Board intends to seek and maintain the best qualified staff to provide quality education for students. Accordingly, the Board will adopt and the Superintendent will implement a teacher performance evaluation system. Input will be sought from teachers and administrators with respect to the evaluation system, procedures, and criteria. The goal shall be to have a system of ongoing appraisal of the performance of staff which provides:

  1. A systematic process whereby the performance and effectiveness of a teacher shall be evaluated through a written evaluation procedure.
  2. Opportunity for all staff members to analyze their strengths and weaknesses as they relate to the teaching-learning process and to discuss objectively the contributions they have made to the school system.
  3. Opportunity for the administrative staff to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of individual staff members and to use this knowledge to develop supervisory service to assist individuals in developing objectives to improve their competence. These may relate to the teaching-learning process and/or other professional responsibilities.
  4. Effective means by which administrators may make recommendations concerning the continued employment of personnel, the granting of a continuing contract, and/or other recommendations to the School Board.
  5. Identification of performance deficiencies.
  6. Identification of superior staff who should receive public recognition.

Evaluation of all professional staff will normally be conducted by the Superintendent and/or such other persons as he/she may designate.

Legal References:

RSA 189:1-a, Duty to Provide Education
RSA 189:14-a, Failure to be Renominated or Reelected
N.H. Code of Administrative Rules, Section Ed. 302.02(n), Substantive Duties of Superintendents
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Category:  P/Priority

1st Read: February 21, 2012
2nd Read: April 3, 2012
Adopted: April 3, 2012
Amended: November 5, 2013