EEA-R — Student Transportation Services

Procedure for Requesting Bus Stop Change

  1. Complete form and send to Student Transportation of America (STA) at:

364 Hancock Rd

Peterborough, NH 03458

  1. The proposed stop evaluation will be completed by the bus company.
  2. You will be notified within ten days of decision, if request is denied you may appeal the decision to the business administrator.
  3. You may appeal the decision of the business administrator to the superintendent within the next ten-day period.
  4. Final appeals may be made to the ConVal Budget & Property Committee.


School Bus Stop Change Request Form






Student’s Name: _______________________________________________Grade:____________


Town:_____________________ State: _____________ Zip: _________________


Bus Route #:____________ Current Stop Location:___________________________


Proposed Stop Location:__________________________________________________________

Reason for Change:___________________________________________________________




This form is designed to assist the bus company in evaluating current or proposed bus stops.  Please use blue or black ink when completing this form.


Reason for Stop Change:___________________________________________________

Location of Proposed Stop:_______________________________________________

Date Evaluated_______________________Time Evaluated:_______am________pm

This area is: Residential________Commercial________Industrial________Other

Posted Speed Limit:__________MPH

During Observation, traffic was: Light________Medium________Heavy________

Types of Vehicles Observed______________________________________________

Number of Students at Stop:_________Grade Level of Students___________________

School Bus Stop Evaluation Data                                                    Yes      No       N/A


  1. Is the bus stop located at least 100’ prior to a right-turn lane?
  2. Is the stop located in a right-turn lane?
  3. Is the stop located at least 100’ after an acceleration/merge lane?
  4. Is the stop at least 100’ from railroad tracks?
  5. Is the stop visible minimum 500’ in a 35 MPH or higher speed zone?
  1. Is the stop visible a minimum 750’ in a 35 MPH or higher speed zone?
  1. Is the stop located on a roadway that is used by heavy, commercial traffic?
  1. Is the stop located near a retention pond or small body of water with a physical barrier between the stop and water, i.e. a guardrail or fence?
  1. Is the stop located near an access/egress driveway of a commercial strip mall or apartment complex which would cause students to walk across traffic moving at 5 MPH or faster?
  1. Is the stop free of obstructions that lessen student, motorist and school bus driver visibility including shrubbery, utility poles, walls, fences, trees, parked cars and/or other obstructions?
  1. Does the stop location allow for sufficient water drainage/runoff?
  2. Is the stop located within ¼ mile of another bus stop for the same route?
  1. Is there sufficient room at the stop away from the roadway for students to safely wait for the school bus?
  1. Is there sufficient room at the stop for students to de-board the bus then walk at least 15’ away from the bus before it departs the stop?
  1. In the absence of a sidewalk, is there a space/path minimum 4’ wide that provides access/egress to/from the stop?


Be sure to include all relevant traffic signals, signs, pavement markings, sight obstructions, student and motorist behavior and roadway deficiencies at the stop.







Note any unusual pedestrian or vehicular movements that occurred during the observation


Print Name                                       Sign Name                                                        Date


Please forward this Evaluation Form to Student Transportation of America       

Thank You!!

 September 10, 2008