JFAM – Education of Military Children & Military Connected Students

A. Statement of Purpose and Definition.

It is the Board’s intent to remove barriers to the identification, enrollment, retention, and support in schools of military-connected students.

“Military-connected student” as used in this policy includes any student who is a dependent of a current or former member of:

  1. The US military serving in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Space Force, or Coast Guard on active duty as defined in RSA 110-D:3:
  2. NH National Guard;
  3. A reserve force of the US military;
  4. A member of such military or reserve force killed in the line of duty; and
  5. By implication, all children are defined as “children of military families” as defined in RSA 110-D:3, III.

B. Residency.

A student shall be considered a resident of the school district if they are a military-connected student whose parent is transferred or is pending transfer to a military installation within New Hampshire while on active military duty pursuant to an official military order. See RSA 193:12, III-a.

Parents of military-connected students shall provide proof of residence in the school district within 10 days after the published arrival date provided on official documentation. Parents of such military-connected students may use the below addresses to establish residency:

  1. a temporary on-base billeting facility;
  2. a purchased or leased home or apartment; or
  3. federal government or public-private venture off-base military housing.

C. Admission & Enrollment.

For incoming military-connected students, the District will:

  1. Enroll and appropriately place students based on unofficial records, pending validation by official records. RSA 110-D:5, I.
  2. Request the student’s official education records from the student’s previous school. Sending schools shall send records within 10 days. RSA 110-D:5, II.
  3. Enroll students in the grade level commensurate with their grade level from their previous school at the time of transition, regardless of age. RSA 110-D:5, IV. See also paragraphs D.1-2, below.
  4. Obtain required immunization records within 30 days from the date of enrollment. RSA 110-D:5, III.
  5. Facilitate the opportunity for inclusion in cocurricular activities, regardless of application deadlines, to the extent the students are otherwise qualified and eligible. RSA 110-D:7, II.

For a transitioning military-connected student, who while residing with the custodial parent was a student in a District school, who as part of the transition is placed in the care of a noncustodial parent or other person standing in loco parentis who lives in another district or jurisdiction than that of the custodial parent, the student may continue to attend the same school in this District tuition free. RSA 110-D:7, I.

D. Support for military-connected students and families.

Upon notification of a student’s military-connected status or upon request of the parent, the district (beginning no later than school year 2023-24) will provide appropriate support services to military-connected students whose parent or guardian is being called to or is serving on active duty. These support services will include, without limitation,

  • access to licensed counseling services;
  • information regarding existing federal and state military support services;
  • any other service, agency, or resource necessary to support or provide assistance to the student.

E. Placement of transferring military-connected students.

When a military-connected student transfers to the District before or during the school year, the District will:

  1. Honor student placement in educational courses based on the student’s enrollment in their previous school and/or educational assessments conducted at their previous school. The Principal/Superintendent may direct that the student undergo subsequent evaluations to ensure appropriate placement and continued enrollment of the student in the course(s) and may waive course/program prerequisites or other preconditions. RSA 110-D:6, I.
  2. Honor student placement in educational programs based on current educational assessments conducted at the student’s previous school. Such programs include, but are not limited to, gifted and talented programs, remedial services, English Language Learner (ELL). This does not preclude the school, as directed by the Principal, from performing subsequent evaluations to ensure appropriate placement of the student. RSA 110-D:6, II.
  3. Initially provide comparable services to a student with disabilities based on their current Individualized Education Program (IEP) and will make reasonable accommodations and modifications to address the needs of the incoming student with disabilities. This does not preclude the District from performing subsequent evaluations to ensure appropriate placement of the student. RSA 110-D:6, III; 20 U.S.C.A. § 1400; 29 U.S.C.A. § 794; 42 U.S.C.A. §§12131-12165.

F. Absences.

A military-connected student whose parent or legal guardian has been called to duty for, is on leave from, or immediately returned from deployment to a combat zone or a combat support posting, shall be granted additional excused absences at the discretion of the Superintendent to visit with their parent or legal guardian relative to such leave or deployment of the parent or guardian. RSA 110-D:6, V.

The Superintendent or designee may require that the absence be pre-approved and may consider whether the student is in good standing, if the student has a prior record of good attendance.

G. Graduation

In order to facilitate the on-time graduation of children of military families (RSA 110-D:8):

  1. The Superintendent will waive specific courses required for graduation if similar course work has been satisfactorily completed in another local education agency and will provide reasonable justification for denial. If the Superintendent does not grant the waiver to a student who would qualify to graduate from their previous school, the District will provide an alternate means of acquiring the required coursework so that graduation may occur on time.
  2. If a military-connected student transfers at the beginning or during their senior year and is ineligible to graduate from the District but would be eligible in their previous district, and after all alternatives have been considered, the previous and current District will coordinate the receipt of a diploma from the previous district.

Legal References:

RSA 110-D, Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children
RSA 110-E, Military-Connected Students
RSA 193:12, III-a Legal Residence Required
RSA 194-D, XI Open Enrollment Schools

Legal References Disclaimer: These references are not intended to be considered part of this policy, nor should they be taken as a comprehensive statement of the legal basis for the Board to enact this policy, nor as a complete recitation of related legal authority. Instead, they are provided as additional resources for those interested in the subject matter of the policy.

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