JFAB – Admission and Tuition of Nonresident Students

Students who are not residents of the Contoocook Valley School District may attend District schools so long as there is space available, and upon payment of established tuition fees, this includes students in Foster Care.  Except as set forth in paragraph 3, below, admission of nonresident students shall be subject to approval by the School Board upon the recommendation of the Superintendent.  The Superintendent shall establish criteria for the admission of nonresident students.  Such students shall be assigned to a school by the Superintendent of Schools.  An application for admission shall be granted on an annual basis; if the nonresident student wishes to continue to attend District schools, then the parent or legal guardian must reapply prior to the start of each school year.

When a nonresident student or foster student is enrolled in the District, the District shall immediately notify the district of residence of the name, date of birth, address, and grade assignment of the student.  Such notification shall be made at the beginning of each school year for which the child is enrolled.

The District acknowledges the provisions of RSA 193:3, which states that the District in which the student resides shall retain all responsibility for the provision of special education and related services pursuant to RSA 186-C.  The Superintendent’s decision on whether to enroll a nonresident student will not be based, in whole or in part, on whether that student is a student with a disability as defined by applicable State or Federal law.

Students who are not residents of the District, who are admitted by the Superintendent, shall be charged tuition, except under the following circumstances:

  1. To bring into the school system on occasion, students from other countries who are the guests of district residents under exchange programs that have been recognized for purposes of school attendance by the Superintendent.
  2. Seniors whose families move during their senior year may complete the current school year in the District, tuition free.  If the student does not graduate at the conclusion of that school year then the student must apply to enroll in the District and if admitted, he/she shall be required to pay tuition.  All other students who move during the school year and are admitted by the Superintendent as a nonresident student for the remainder of the school year, shall pay tuition on a pro-rata basis.
  3. Children of Contoocook Valley School District employees who are not district residents, will be permitted to attend a school in the Contoocook Valley School District. Such students will attend at a reduced tuition so that the District’s share of that student’s costs will not exceed two-thirds (2/3rds) of the District’s per student costs for the previous school year.  The Superintendent’s decision regarding admittance is non-grievable.
  4. Except as set forth above, or unless enrolled through separate agreement with another school system or agency, all nonresident day students shall be charged tuition at a rate set by the School Board. Tuition shall be billed quarterly in advance to the district of residence or the parent responsible for payment.  When a district of residence is responsible for tuition, prior approval must be granted by that district’s school board, and the districts may elect to enter into an agreement for payment of tuition.

Conditions and Procedures for Students Who Are Reassigned Through Mutual Agreement of Superintendents

  1. The Superintendent of a different SAU may make a written request to the Superintendent for a change of school assignment.
  2. The Superintendent will fully consider this written request, will meet with the parent/guardian, if necessary, and will make a decision concerning the reassignment request.
  3. The Superintendent’s decision will be based on the best interests of the pupil, as determined by the Superintendents. The Superintendent may develop administrative regulations concerning the factors that will be considered in making such a determination.
  4. If the Superintendents of the districts determine that the best interests of the pupil warrant a reassignment, he/she may seek Board approval of reassignment of the pupil to a school district in another SAU, subject to the pupil meeting the admission requirements of such school, and subject to the agreement of the Superintendent of the receiving SAU.
  5. The Superintendent will seek School Board approval of any student being reassigned to the ConVal School District.
  6. The Superintendent will issue a written decision to the parent/guardian. The Superintendent’s decision will be final and binding.
  7. The total reassignments or transfer made under this policy in any one school year will not exceed one (1) percent of the average daily membership in residence of a school district, or five (5) percent of the average daily membership in residence of any single school, whichever is greater.

Count of Reassigned Pupils, Tuition Payment and Rate, and Transportation:

 Pupils reassigned under this policy will be counted in the average daily membership in residence of a given pupil’s resident school district.  Said pupil’s resident district will forward any tuition payment due to the District to which the pupil was assigned.  Said pupil’s resident or sending district will be charged tuition, which shall include the cost of any special education programming and services.

The Superintendents involved in the reassignment of a pupil will jointly establish a tuition rate for each such pupil.

The District acknowledges the provisions of RSA 193:3, which states that the District in which the student resides shall retain all responsibility for the provision of special education and related services pursuant to RSA 186-C.

Role of the Department of Education

 The Superintendent of the pupil’s resident SAU will notify the Department of Education within thirty (30) days of any reassignment made under this policy.

Manifest Educational Hardship Change of Assignment

 When a parent/guardian believes that an initial assignment has been made which will result in a manifest educational hardship to the pupil, the parent/guardian may seek a change of assignment in accordance with applicable provisions of RSA 193:3 and Board Policy JEC – Manifest Educational Hardship.

All Non-Resident Students Admitted to the ConVal School District

 Nonresident students who are admitted to the District shall comply with all District policies, rules, and regulations, including but not limited to the District’s code of conduct and its bullying policy.

The provisions of this policy may be modified on a case-by-case basis, as needed, pursuant to separate contracts, agreements, and other binding arrangements.

Legal Reference:

RSA 186-C:13, Special Education; Liability of Expenses
RSA 193:3, Change of School or Assignment
RSA 193:12, Legal Residence Required

Category:  Category: Priority/Required by Law

1st Read:  December 18, 2018
2nd Read:  January 8, 2019
Adoption:   January 8, 2019