IHBG – Home Education Instruction


The School Board recognizes the right of parents to pursue home education within the parameters RSA 193-A and other applicable state laws and regulations.

Enrollment Procedures

Any parent commencing a home education program for a child who withdraws from the School District shall notify the New Hampshire Department of Education, the Superintendent, or a non-public school within five (5) business days of commencing the home education program. Such notification shall include the names, addresses and birth dates of all children who are participating in the home education program. If notice is provided to the Superintendent, he/she will acknowledge receipt of notification within fourteen (14) days.

Annual notification of intent to home education is not required.

If requested by the parent, the Superintendent will assist parents in making such notification and in complying with applicable statutory requirements.

State attendance laws and District attendance policies shall apply to all students within the District until the commissioner of education, the Superintendent, or principal of a non-public school receives notice from a student’s parent/guardian of the commencement of a home education program, consistent with the requirements of RSA 193-A:5.

Evaluation Procedures

Parents electing to request the School District’s participation in the annual evaluation must make arrangements to do so with the appropriate building Administrator prior to the end of the public school year, provided the School District is acting as the participating agency. In this case, the Superintendent shall provide evaluation services, if the parent so requests. If the District is not acting as the participating agency, the Superintendent shall provide evaluation services at his/her discretion.

The Superintendent will review the results of the annual education evaluation of children in home educational programs. If the home-educated child has not demonstrated educational progress, the Superintendent will notify the parent in writing that educational progress has not been achieved. Likewise, the Superintendent or his/her designee will notify the parent in writing within 21 days of the evaluation if the child has demonstrated educational progress.

The Superintendent will ensure that the evaluation includes all information, dates and signatures required by state statute and/or regulation.

Parents shall maintain a portfolio of records and materials relative to the home education program and must provide for an annual evaluation documenting the child’s demonstration of educational progress at a level commensurate with the child’s age and ability, in accordance with RSA 193-A and NH Code of Administrative Rules, Section Ed 315.

Re-enrollment into the School District

Parents deciding to re-enroll their children into the school district following a period of home education will make arrangements with the Principal for an evaluation to determine appropriate placement in the District’s program. Placements will be consistent with the School Board policy governing student placements (NHSBA Sample Policy JG) and are subject to the same appeal process.

Parents should be attentive that when re-enrolling a student, there may be discrepancies between the home schooling level of achievement and the scope and sequence of the District’s curriculum.


The School Board will not award certificates or diplomas to home educated student. Students must enter the regular school program and complete all necessary graduation requirements of the District and the state to be eligible for a certificate or diploma.

Participation in school curricular and co-curricular activities

Regulations regarding the participation of home education students in District curricular and extra-curricular programs are established in Appendix IHBG-R. The Superintendent is charged with establishing such regulations. Consistent with RSA 193:1-c, any regulations shall not be more restrictive for non-public or home educated pupils than they are for students enrolled in the District.

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Appendix IHBG-R

Category: R

See also JG, JH

1st Read: November 5, 2013
2nd Read: December 3, 2013
Adopted: December 3, 2013