IJOC – Volunteers

The District recognizes the valuable contribution made by volunteer assistance of parents and other citizens. The Superintendent is responsible for developing and implementing procedures for the selection and utilization of volunteers, as required by state regulation. School district employees who desire the assistance of a volunteer should request a volunteer through proper administrative channels.

Designated Volunteers

Designated volunteers will be required to undergo a background investigation and a criminal records check. “Designated volunteer” means any volunteer who:

  1. Comes in direct contact with pupils on a regularly scheduled basis; or
  2. Meets with students on a one-on-one basis; or
  3. Any other volunteer so designated by the School Board or Superintendent.

Designated volunteers are subject to the provisions of Policy GBCD – Background Investigation and Criminal Records Check.

Volunteer Application & Selection

Persons wishing to volunteer at the District should complete a Volunteer Application form describing their skills, interests and availability. Such forms will be made available through the Principal’s office.

Volunteer selection shall be made based on the qualifications and availability of the volunteer. Volunteers shall be assigned only to those teachers who have requested volunteer assistance. Staff should request volunteers through administrative channels for selected activities and as resource persons.

Assignment shall be made by the school administrator or designee.

Volunteers shall be provided appropriate training at the building level consistent with their tasks and existing district standards. This training shall be developed under the leadership of the principal. Exceptions would be district-wide programs established by the administration whereby general volunteer programs would be defined.

A volunteer may be asked to terminate his/her services when circumstances, in the judgment of the administrator, necessitate termination. A building administrator’s decision to terminate service is not subject to appeal.

Volunteer Duties

Selected volunteers will serve in the capacity of assistants and will not be assigned to roles that require specific professional training. Instructional services shall be rendered only under the supervision of certified staff.

All volunteers will sign a confidentiality agreement and shall not discuss the performance or actions of a student except with the student’s teacher, counselor, or principal.

The Confidentiality Agreement is included as Appendix IJOC-R.

Assignments shall be limited to assisting staff members with duties such as routine supervisory, tutorial, clerical, housekeeping and material preparation tasks. Assignments shall be limited to situations that will be supervised by a certified staff person.

In some instances, volunteers may perform clerical and material preparation tasks away from the school site.

Volunteers with special talents, hobbies or experiences may share those with students on a scheduled basis in a suitable educational setting.

Volunteers will refer to their immediate supervisor or other regular staff member for final solution of any student problems which arise, whether of an instructional, medical or behavioral nature.

Volunteers will receive orientation, including: (1) general job responsibilities; (2) information about school facilities, routines, and procedures, including safety and evaluation; (3) work schedule and place of work; and (4) expected relationship to regular staff.

Volunteers will receive appropriate training at the building level, consistent with their tasks and existing District standards. This training shall be developed under the leadership of the principal.


Volunteer coaches of individual sports must be certified in that sport and be in compliance with all other regulations and standards as set by NHIAA.

Legal References:
RSA 189:13-a, School Employee and Volunteer Criminal History Records Check
Appendix: IJOC-R

Revised: April 2011
Revised: November 1999, July 2004, August 2007

Category: P

See also ABA, GBCD

1st Read: June 7, 2011
2nd Read: July 19, 2011
Adopted: July 19, 2011

Reviewed: August 2, 2022