JICDDA – Simple Assaults: Parental Notification Policy

In cases of all assaults, the building principal, or assistant, shall notify the involved students parents by telephone and letter about the incident. The letter from the building or assistant principal shall describe the incident and the seriousness and harm done or potential harm and the School District s response to the incident to the extent permitted by confidentiality laws and regulations.

Additionally, simple assault as that term is used in New Hampshire criminal statutes, includes and knowing and unprivileged physical contact with another person. While simple assaults may result in injury, many, if not most, which occur in the school setting do not. Recognizing that under the statutory definition, simple assault can be very minor contact, building or assistant principals will consider the District s policies, rules and regulations concerning student conduct and discipline when making a determination about whether or not to file a Safe School Zone Offense Report with local Law Enforcement officials. The District will err in the direction of filing a report when there is any question. Law Enforcement and school officials can then jointly determine the best action to be taken.

Statutory Reference: RSA 193-D:4, I (b)

See Also: Memorandum of Understanding

1st Board Reading: March 28, 2000
Adopted: May 16, 2000