JLD – School Guidance Programs And Services

The School Board is committed to ensuring a high quality school counseling program that is comprehensive, developmentally appropriate, fosters academic achievement, and personal growth, which is provided to all District students in an equitable manner.

The program will include the following:

Distribution of information and support to students and families about academic programming, community supports, and other relevant information.

Conformance with national standards, including “The ASCA National Model: A Foundation for School Counseling Program,” published by the American School Counselor Association (“ASCA”) in 2012.

Prevention, intervention, and crisis response services.

Promotion of personal, interpersonal, health, academic, and career development for all students through classroom programs and other services.

A summary report of student performance in achievement, attendance, and behavior shall be provided to the board at least once a year, addressing the effectiveness of the school counseling program.

All relevant provisions of NH Administrative Rules, Section Ed 306, Minimum Standards for Public School Approval.

It is the policy of this Board that, at all grade levels, school counselors collaborate with parents, students, staff, and community to remove barriers to learning and provide opportunities and supports to empower students to embrace their full potential and achieve their academic and personal aspirations.  The school counselor is responsible for developing a program or plan that identifies student success in academic performance, social awareness, and career planning.

Notice is given that the services provided by the school counselor are not a substitute for appropriate outside clinical or therapeutic mental health services. The School Board acknowledges that nothing in this policy shall be deemed to supplant or replace the fundamental responsibility of parents and guardians to ensure that when necessary their child receives appropriate mental health services.

The Superintendent shall develop and have on file a comprehensive K-12 School counseling program implementation plan consistent with this policy and kept current biennially.

Legal References:

Ed 306.39, School Counseling Program

Category:  Recommended

First  Read:  May 21, 2019

Second Read:  June 4, 2019

Adopted:  June 4, 2019