Process for Policy Adoption

The ConVal Policy rewriting process began during the 2007-2008 school year. The process began as a result of the 1991 en masse adoption of all NHSBA sample policies whether the samples were applicable to the ConVal district or not.

The road to adoption can involve up to 12 steps and it is not unusual for changes to be made at each interval.

During this process we have had several starting points.

  1. We have a 1991 policy that needs to be updated:
  2. We have to adopt a policy because of new or changing legislation:
  3. The board has found it necessary to develop a policy where none exists or revise a policy to better align with current practice.

In each case we take either past language or recommended language, compose a draft and send it for legal opinion. Most policies come either directly from or go directly to Barrett Christina, the attorney for NHSBA. Some policies go to other legal counsel depending on the nature of the policy.

Barrett sends a draft back to the district, the draft is sent to the policy committee members and the SAU leadership team. The draft policy is then posted on the Policy committee agenda for a first review. Policy Committee meetings are posted on the website as well as in the paper and Policy Committee agendas are posted on the website, at schools, and at the SAU. This provides the first opportunity for comments on policies. All Policy Committee meetings are open to the public and comments regarding drafts are welcome at these meetings.

If applicable the policy would be sent to either a specific committee, an ad hoc committee (for example the Bullying Policy) or to a group of specialists (e.g. nurses).

Following the work by committees and/or specialists, the policy would then go back to the Policy Committee for another review. As before the policy would be posted on the agenda and there is another opportunity for comment through the Policy Committee.

After the review by the policy committee, the draft is sent to administration to look at the logistics of administering the policy.

Depending on the nature and extent of the changes at this point, the policy may be sent for a second legal opinion. After which it is posted on the agenda for the policy committee for a final review, and there is another opportunity for comment through the Policy Committee.

After the final review, the policy is posted on the School Board agenda as a first read, under New Business. Comments, suggestions, and questions are posed to the Policy Committee through Board members at this time. Questions, comments, or concerns can also be sent to the Policy Committee members, Board members, or the Superintendent’s office.

The policy is posted a final time on the Policy Committee agenda to address any final changes or received feedback.

Final changes are made and following the first read a 2nd read/Adoption of the policy can be done under Old Business. Drafts can go through this process, several times before adoption as a policy.

At any point during the process, the draft policy is open for comment. We are presently looking at how to best share the text of drafts, and are considering a listserve approach.

The Policy Committee typically meets on the first and third Tuesdays of each month.

Katherine Heck
Michael Hoyt
Thomas Kirlin
Janine Lesser
Crista Salamy

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