JLCC-R: Head Lice Procedure

Obligations of the District/Administration/School Nurse

On the day of identification, the school nurse, principal, or delegatee will:

  • notify parent/guardian
  • provide the parent/guardian/adult student, or send home with the student –
    1. “Guidelines On Head Lice – ConVal School District” brochure
    2.  Head Lice Checklist for the Home
  • advise parent/guardian/adult student to contact health-care provider or pharmacist regarding treatment options
  • advise parent/guardian/adult student to notify close contacts as per brochure
  • at the discretion of the school nurse, known close contacts of the assessed students may be screened
  • if the student is sent home, the school nurse, principal or delegatee will re-check the student’s head upon return to school

The brochure provides FAQs, facts and resources.

The brochure information and Head Lice Checklist for the Home will be available to all families in the student handbook.

 Obligations of the Parent/Guardian/Adult Student

The parent/guardian/adult student will follow the treatment guidelines set forth in the above mentioned brochure and the Head Lice Checklist for the Home.