JLF-R: Reporting Child Abuse or Neglect

Contoocook Valley School District

Mandated Reporting Protocol Outline

Any school employee “having reason to suspect that a child has been abused or neglected” must “immediately” report that suspicion to the New Hampshire Division for Children, Youth and Families (DCYF) ” by telephone or otherwise.” This initial report must be “followed within 48 hours by a report in writing, if so requested, to DCYF.

RSA 19-C:34, goes on to provide that DCYF “may request and shall receive from any agency of the state or any of its political subdivisions or any schools, such assistance and information as will enable it to fulfill its responsibilities under this section.”

When a school district gives DCYF student records (or information from student records),

the district must comply with FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act). This is because, according to tbc Supremacy Clause of the US. Constitution, federal law trumps state law.

The U.S. Department of Education’s FERPA regulations allow a school district to disclose student records (or information from those records) to DCYF without prior written parental consent. Contact the Director of Student Services if you have any questions concerning this process.

If there is an abuse/neglect concern, report it to the identified person in the building, (see the final page of this document).

  • Complete the attached checklist with all known information
  • Consider including the parent in the reporting process
  • Call DCYF to make the report
  • Once the report has been made to fill out the “Written Documentation of DCYF Report” form and submit to the Director of Student Services, and the building should keep a copy for their records.

Please post this in the principal or school counselor’s office. Thank you


Possible Indicators of Abuse and Neglect

Child is not getting enough food:

  • Child appears malnourished
  • Child begging, stealing food
  • Consistently acts hungry or complains of hunger
  • Consistent fatigue, listlessness, falling asleep in class

Child appears poorly cared for:

  • Has poor hygiene (skin, teeth, ears, hair)
  • Is inappropriately dressed for the season
  • Clothes are frequently dirty or torn

Lack of Medical, Dental, or Psychological Care:

  • Unattended physical problems or medical/dental needs/psychological needs
  • Aggressive behavior
  • Compliant/passive, overly adaptive behavior
  • Parent/child stealing
  • Over sexualized behaviors
  • Parent/child threatened suicide
  • Parent/child attempted suicide
  • Parent/child expressed homicidal ideation
  • Parent/child notable mental health issues

Lack of Adult Supervision:

  • Child being left home alone without supervision, especially in dangerous activities or for long periods of time
  • Child states there is no caretaker
  • Extended stays at school; child arrives early and stays late
  • Substance Abuse in household – parents or children
  • Parent/Child is consistently using alcohol and/or drugs

Truancy from School:

  • Chronic pattern of child from 6-16 years of age who is absent and will be held back due to those absences
  • Please see district Absent/Truancy Policy


  • Child left without knowing where parent is or when parent will return
  • Parent significantly and chronically late in picking child up from school or school related activities

DCYF Reporting Procedure

New Hampshire law, RSA 169-C, the Child Protection Act, mandates that any person who has reason to suspect that a child under the age of 18 has been abused or neglected must make a report to the Division for Children, Youth, and Families.

DCYF’s Central Intake Unit reviews all such allegations made within the state and determines if further assessment is warranted. If you suspect that a child has been abused or neglected, contact the DCYF Central Intake Unit at the following number:

1-800-894-5533 or (603) 271-6562 this is available 24 hours/day 7 days a week

If necessary to call after work hours, call the local police department or State Police. Please follow up your report with prompt (that same school day or within 24 hours) to your building administrator or designee and a call to the Director of Student Services at the SAU office.

Written Documentation of DCYF Report for Suspected Abuse/Neglect


Date: _______________________

Student Name: ___________________________________ Student DOB: _____________________

Street Address: __________________________________________________________________

City: _____________________________________________ Zip Code: _____________                    

Parent/Custodian: ________________________________________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________________________________

Intake Worker: ____________________________________ Phone number: ___________________

Reported Incident:





This is in confirmation of my oral report of ______________________, made in accordance with the New Hampshire Child Protection Act 169-C, DCYF; mandating that any person who has reason to suspect that a child under the age of 18 has been abused or neglected.


Staff Reporting: ________________________________________________


Please submit a copy of this report to the Director of Student Services

Checklist for Mandated Reporter

If abuse or neglect is suspected, contact the identified staff person in your building to assist you with the reporting process and completing the proper documentation. Please use the following outline to assist you in the reporting process. Reminder under FERPA a disclosure must be signed prior to releasing any information from the student’s educational record.

  • Alleged Victim(s):
  • Name(s) of student(s):
  • Birthdate(s) of student(s) or appropriate age:
  • Address (or approximate address)
  • Alleged Perpetrator(s)
  • Birthdate(s) or age or some approximation
  • Relationship to student
  • Harm to student/description of incident of suspected abuse
    • Physical
    • Sexual
    • Risk of harm
    • Neglect
    • Other
  • Description of Incident(s): be prepared to give a brief description of the incident(s) of suspected abuse. The description should include:
    • As much detail as you have about the actual incident
    • Indication of intention (especially in physical abuse)
    • Description of the time and place of the incident
    • Information, if any, about possible witnesses to the abuse
    • Evidence of the abuse (physical evidence, behavioral indicators, disclosure by the student, etc.)


DCYF Building Staff Assignments

Antrim Elementary School: Stephanie Syre-Hager

Bennington Elementary School: Kathie Morrocco

ConVal High School: Kim Chandler, Steve Bartsch

Dublin Consolidated School: Nicole Pease

Francestown Elementary School: Katherine Foecking

Great Brook Middle School: Jim Elder

Greenfield Elementary School: Colleen Roy

Hancock Elementary School: Amy Janoch

Peterborough Elementary School: Larry Pimental

South Meadow Middle School: Anne O’Bryant

Temple Elementary School: Fabi Woods