The Education Committee is a standing subcommittee of the ConVal School Board. It is comprised of not more than 5 members, a chairperson and district level administration. The committee members and chairperson are appointed annually by the chair of the School Board.

The roles of the education subcommittee of the ConVal School board include:

  • Periodic review of district programs and courses, to ensure the board’s familiarity with district educational programs.
  • Review new curriculum and instructional programs prior to implementation (Role as part of Program Approval Process).
  • Review of educational programs supported by federal and state grants.
  • Recommend to the full board any changes in ConVal School District Policies pertaining to students, curriculum and / or instruction.
  • Study and make recommendations on specific educational concerns referred to the committee by the school board.
  • Post a meeting agenda, maintain minutes and make reports to the full board on the outcomes of subcommittee meetings.
  • Perform other duties as may be assigned from time to time, by the Chair of the ConVal School Board.

The Education Committee typically meets on the first and third Thursdays of each month.

Richard Dunning
Niki McGettigan (C)
Linda Quintanilha
Stephen Ullman
Jerome Wilson 

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