GBCA – Staff Conflict Of Interest

Employees shall not engage in, or have a financial interest in, any activity that raises a reasonable question of conflict of interest with their duties and responsibilities as members of the school staff. This includes but is not limited to:

  1. Employees shall not participate for financial remuneration in outside activities wherein their position on the staff is used to sell goods or services to pupils or their parents.
  2. Employees who have patented or copyrighted any device, publication, or other item shall not receive royalties for use of such item in the district schools.
  3. Employees shall not engage in any type of work where the source of information concerning customer, client, or employer originates from information obtained through the school system, except as provided by the parents.
  4. School employees shall not solicit or sell for personal gain any educational materials or equipment in the attendance areas served by the school to which they are assigned. Nor will any employees make available lists of names of students or parents to anyone for sales purposes.
  5. Neither staff members nor members of their household shall engage in commercial transactions with the school district in an amount in excess of $5000 per fiscal year, without the express approval of the School Board.
  6. Employees shall not provide private standardized individually administered evaluations to students enrolled in the District.
  7. Employees shall not provide private educational services to students enrolled in the District, except as set forth in Policy GCQAB, Tutoring for Pay.

To avoid nepotism in the supervision of personnel, the Board directs that no employee be assigned to a position where the employee would be supervising or responsible to a relative, or to a member of their household.

Category: P

See also GCQAB, GCQA

1st Read: June 7, 2011
2nd Read: September 6, 2011
Adoption: October 18, 2011