GCG – Part-Time And Substitute Professional Staff Employment (Substitute Teachers)

The Superintendent shall maintain a list of qualified substitute teachers who may be called on to replace regular teachers who are absent. Such a list shall be filed with the principal of each school.

Insofar as possible, the Principal or designee will call teachers on the substitute list for the grades and/or subjects for which they are listed. A teacher whose name does not appear on the substitute list may not be employed in the District except when specifically approved by the Superintendent. Principals will be responsible for seeing that the work of the substitute is as effective as possible and will provide him/her with a planned program.

Substitutes Pay

The rate of pay for a substitute shall be set by the School Board and be subject to periodic review.

All part-time and substitute employees must undergo a Criminal History
Records Check prior to any employment.
See policy GBCD for Criminal History Records Check information.

Legal Reference:

RSA 189:13-a, School Employee and Volunteer Background Investigations

Category: R

See also GBCD

1st Read: February 19, 2013
2nd Read: March 5, 2013
Adopted: March 5, 2013