FL – Retirement of Facilities

A school will be considered for a comprehensive closing study if any of the following conditions apply:

1. The school building is inadequate by virtue of age, condition, size of site, or other overriding limitations and cannot reasonably and economically be brought up to the current educational standards.

2. The school has substantially under capacity for a two-year period and is projected to remain so. “Substantially under capacity” is the difference between program capacity and student membership such that the students in the grouping could be housed in one school less. (Instructional programs drawing the majority of students from outside of the regular boundary area of the group of schools will not be considered for this purpose.)

Although use for local community students will be the primary function of a school, unusual circumstances may prevail which will require alternate use of a particular location or building. A closing study of such a school may be authorized by the Board.

A closing study will include direct involvement by those communities considered in the study and will be concerned with the following factors:

1. Review of the in-depth demographic studies and grouping, and consideration of alternative.

2. Age and current physical condition of the building, its operating systems and program facilities.

3. Adequacy of site, location, access, surrounding development, traffic patterns, and other environmental conditions.

4. Reassignment of children, including alternative plans, according to Board policy.

5. Transportation factors including numbers of children bused, time, distance, and safety.

6. Alternate uses of the building.

7. Costs/savings

a. Personnel
b. Plant Operation
c. Transportation
d. Capital Investment
e. Alternate Use
8. Continuity of instructional and community programs.

Adopted: April 2, 1991