GBEBB – Employee-Student Relations

Staff members are expected to maintain courteous and professional relationships with students and maintain an atmosphere conducive to learning through consistently and fairly applied discipline and established professional boundaries.

Unless necessary to serve an educational, health-related, or student safety purpose:

  1. Staff members shall not make derogatory comments to students regarding the school and/or its staff.
  2. The exchange of purchased gifts between staff members and students is discouraged.
  3. Staff members shall not fraternize through written, verbal, or social/electronic media with students except on matters that pertain to school-related issues.
  4. Staff members shall not associate with students in any situation or activity which could be considered sexually suggestive or involve the presence or use of tobacco, alcohol or drugs.
  5. Dating between staff members and students is prohibited.
  6. Staff members shall not use insults or sarcasm against students as a method of forcing compliance with requirements or expectations.
  7. Staff members shall maintain a reasonable standard of care for the supervision, control and protection of students commensurate with their assigned duties and responsibilities.
  8. Staff members shall not send students on personal errands.
  9. Staff members shall, pursuant to law and School Board policy JLF, immediately report any suspected signs of child abuse or neglect.
  10. Staff members shall not attempt to counsel, assess, diagnose or treat a student’s personal problem relating to sexual behavior, substance abuse, mental or physical health and/or family relationships but should refer the student to the appropriate staff member or agency for assistance.
  11. Staff members shall not disclose information concerning a student, other than school directory information, to any person not authorized to receive such information. This includes, but is not limited to, information concerning assessments, grades, behavior, mental or physical health, and/or family background.
  12. Staff members shall not be alone with a student in a room with a door closed, a locked door, or with the lights off.
  13. Staff members are strongly discouraged from socializing with students outside of school on social networking websites.

Staff members who violate this policy may face disciplinary measures, up to and including termination, consistent with state law and applicable provisions of a collective bargaining agreement.
Any employee who witnesses or learns of any of the above behaviors shall report it to the building administrator or Superintendent immediately.

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1st Read: July 16, 2013
2nd Read: September 17, 2013
Adopted: September 17, 2013