GBG – Employee Protection

The School Board will indemnify and hold harmless District employees against claims that may be entered against them as a result of carrying out their assigned responsibilities, as provided under RSA 31:105 and 31:106. To protect the District’s financial resources, as well, the District will provide for liability coverage for all personnel through policies structured to maintain the statutory immunities as provided in RSA 31:107; professional liability insurance as needed, workers’ compensation, and unemployment compensation coverage.

Workers’ Compensation

All employees of the District are covered by workers’ compensation insurance paid for and provided by the District. This insurance coverage is provided for employees in accordance with the provisions of the insurance carrier.

Legal References:

RSA 31:105, Indemnification for Damages
RSA 31:106, Indemnification; Civil Rights Suits
RSA 31:107, Purchase of Insurance
RSA 281-A:2,IX, Definitions
RSA 281-A:9, Termination Notices
RSA 281-A:11, Self-Insurance for Public Employers

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1st Read: February 19, 2013
2nd Read: March 5, 2013
Adopted: March 5, 2013