CFB – Evaluation of Administrative Staff

The purpose of appraising the performance and effectiveness of administrators is to promote improvement in the administrative function, to recognize exceptional professional performance, and ultimately to bring continued improvement in the teaching-learning process in the district schools.

Each administrator’s performance and effectiveness will be assessed within the scope of that person’s area of responsibility, system-wide goals and objectives, and individual performance objectives.

System-wide goals and objectives are developed before the last business day in August by the administrative team for the improvement of the school system. Individual performance objectives will be agreed to by the evaluator and administrator, and may relate to system-wide goals and objectives, area of responsibility, and/or professional growth.

The method of appraisal will consist of self-appraisal and appraisal by an assigned evaluator.

As a result of the above process, the Superintendent will make recommendations concerning the continued employment of each administrator.

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1st Read: April 3, 2012
2nd Read: May 15, 2012
Adopted: May 15, 2012