IJOA – K-12 Field Trip

Field trips that support curriculum goals shall be encouraged and shall be planned carefully as an integral part of instructional units.  Trips organized by school officials will be considered as school activities and all of the regular school rules and regulations shall be in effect.  Annual budgetary provisions may limit the extent of field trips.

Overnight and even more extensive trips require considerably more planning, detail and supervision than area school day trips.  The value of these trips is recognized, but only as they relate to established school curriculum.

Proposed trips requiring students to be away from home overnight shall only be authorized by the Contoocook Valley School Board.  The principal shall exercise extensive review of trip proposals before recommending approval through the Superintendent to the School Board.  Students participating in extended field trips are expected to pay the full cost of standard trip-related expenses for these experiences although school personnel are encouraged to help students earn and/or obtain the resources they might require.

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1st Read:  January 19, 2016

2nd Read:  April 19, 2016

Adopted:  ­April 19, 2016