FE – Facilities Construction

Changing educational needs require the planning, design, and construction of new educational facilities as well as to renovate or make additions to existing schools. The size, complexity, and potential cost for such a program requires that the Superintendent develop a comprehensive plan in the following areas:

  1. Educational program spatial requirements and assessment of the adequacy of existing facilities to accommodate present or proposed educational programs.
  2. Cost/benefit considerations relating to facility modernization, renovation, or new construction.
  3. An annual six-year capital improvements program showing population projections, new capital projects needed, and associated costs. Use of a community-based advisory committee is encouraged to assist in the creation and review of this program.
  4. Community use of schools and school-related facilities.
  5. An annual report reviewing projects underway or completed.

Construction plans, requests for bond money, and all other documents required to begin and/or complete needed school construction projects will be submitted to the appropriate local and state agencies in a timely manner

Category O

First Read: May 3, 2022
Second Read: May 17, 2022
Adopted: May 17, 2022