BGA — Policy Development System

The Board endorses for use in this District the policy development, codification, and dissemination system of the New Hampshire School Boards Association.

This system, is to serve as a general guideline for such tasks as policy research, the drafting of preliminary policy proposals, reviewing policy drafts with concerned groups, presenting new and revised policies to the Board for consideration and action, policy dissemination, policy evaluation, and the maintenance of a continuously and easy-to-use policy manual.

Policy Adoption, Dissemination and Review

  1. The Board may adopt, amend, or repeal written policies at any meeting by a majority vote of Board members in attendance, provided that notice of the proposed action was given at a previous Board meeting and that each Board member was notified of the proposed action. For purposes of notification, the meeting agenda delivered to each Board member is deemed sufficient.
  2. On matters of unusual or unexpected urgency, the Board may waive the second meeting limitation and take immediate action to adopt a new policy or revise an existing policy.
  3. The Board will allow an opportunity for public comments on policy proposals.
  4. All policies will be titled, dated, and coded consistent with the classification system used by the New Hampshire School Boards Association.
  5. Board action regarding the adoption, revision or repeal of policies will be included in the minutes of the meeting at which the official action is taken.
  6. Policies and amendments will be effective immediately upon adoption, unless a specific effective date is provided in the adopted final policy.
  7. All written policies and administrative rules and regulations will be open for and available for public inspection, upon request.
  8. All Board policies will be reviewed and evaluated by the school board on a regular and continuing basis.
  9. The Superintendent or designee is responsible for notifying the Board of all policy updates and revisions provided by the New Hampshire School Boards Association. The Board will then schedule time for review of such updates and will taken action accordingly regarding the adoption, revision or repeal of such policies.

A member of the SAU staff is to be designated and delegated by the Superintendent with the responsibility to maintain the Board’s policy reference files, to draft policy proposals as instructed by the Board and/or Superintendent, to maintain the Board policy manual, and to serve as liaison between the Board, the New Hampshire School Boards Association, State Board of Education, and other sources of policy research information.

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First Read:  March 19, 2019
Second Read:  April 2, 2019
Adopted:  April 2, 2019