JI – Student Rights And Responsibilities

The privileges and rights of all students shall be guaranteed.

A primary responsibility of the Contoocook Valley School District and its professional staff to its students shall be the development of an understanding and appreciation of our representative form of government, the rights and responsibilities of the individual and the legal processes whereby necessary changes are brought about consistent with the United State Constitution, its amendments and the New Hampshire Constitution.

The school is a community and the rules and regulations of a school are the laws of that community. All those enjoying the rights of citizenship in the school community must also accept the responsibilities of citizenship. A basic responsibility of those who enjoy the rights of citizenship is to respect the laws of the community.

Students shall have the right to peaceably and responsibly advocate change of any law, policy, or regulation. Students may exercise their right to freedom of expression through speech, assembly, petition, and other lawful means. The exercise of this right must not interfere with the rights of others. Freedom of expression may not be utilized to present material which tends to be obscene or slanderous, or to defame character, or to advocate violation of federal, state, and local laws, or official school policies, rules, and regulations.

Students may present complaints to teachers or administration officials. Adequate opportunities shall be provided for students to exercise this right through channels established for considering such complaints.

Student rights and responsibilities relative to student conduct and student discipline shall be published in the Parent-Student Handbook, and will be made available in another language or presented orally upon request. Student disciplinary procedures will be implemented pursuant to the provisions of Board Policies JIA and JICD.

Legal References:

RSA 189:15, Regulations
NH Code of Administrative Rules, Section Ed 306.04(a)(3), Student Discipline
NH Code of Administrative Rules, Section Ed 306.04(f), Student Discipline
NH Code of Administrative Rules, Section Ed 317.04(b), Disciplinary Procedures

Category: P

See also JICD

1st Read: October 6, 2009
2nd Read: November 17, 2009
Adoption: November 17, 2009