EEAA – Video Surveillance on School Property

The School Board authorizes the use of video devices on District property to ensure the health, welfare, and safety of all staff, students and visitors to District property and to safeguard District buildings, grounds, and equipment. The Superintendent will approve appropriate locations for surveillance devices. Placement of the video cameras will be based on the presumption and belief that students, staff and visitors have no reasonable expectation of privacy in public areas or quasi-public areas or at public events. Such locations may include gymnasiums, libraries, cafeterias, hallways and outside perimeters.

Signs will be posted on school building to notify students, staff and visitors that video cameras may be in use. Parents and students will also be notified through the student handbook.
Copies of video recordings from surveillance cameras will normally be retained for a period of two weeks and thereafter will be erased either by deletion or copying over with a new recording. If a recording contains evidence of any misconduct or crime, it will be retained until the matter has been fully resolved. Any release or viewing/listening of recordings will be in accordance with the law and will take into consideration the privacy rights of students depicted on the recording.

Recordings from surveillance cameras may be reviewed by District personnel for disciplinary or investigative purposes and may be used as evidence in any disciplinary or criminal proceedings.
Recordings from surveillance cameras will not be used in connection with the annual evaluation of teachers under the ConVal Teacher Evaluation Plan.

Recordings from surveillance cameras are not considered educational records under FERPA, unless they are maintained as part of a student disciplinary proceeding.

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1st Read: August 9, 2016
2nd Read: August 23, 2016
Adopted: August 23, 2016