FF – Naming of District Buildings and Facilities and Dedication of Areas


The purpose of this policy is to establish a process and guidelines for the naming of School District school buildings or facilities, and naming or dedication of areas of buildings or facilities.

The naming of a building or facility, or the designation of an area of a building or facility falls within the authority of the School Board. The School Board recognizes that the official names of district buildings and facilities are important to the district’s identity, and must stand the test of time.

For purposes of this policy, “buildings and facilities” shall mean and include every school, building, stadium, field, playground, or other real estate owned or leased by the district, or otherwise under the jurisdiction of the School Board.

An “area” of a building or facility, refers to identifiable spaces within or adjacent to a building or facility, including but not limited to spaces such as libraries, media centers, gymnasiums, theaters, auditoriums, playgrounds, cafeterias, hallways, wings, etc.

The Board retains the authority in its sole discretion to name, rename, in whole or in part, any building or facility, or name or dedicate any area of a building or facility. Such naming, renaming, or dedication may be considered at any time the Board chooses, including proposals prior to construction, when construction is in progress, or after acquisition by the district.


  1. The naming of school buildings or facilities or dedication of building or facility spaces is the ultimate responsibility of the School Board. Individuals or groups may submit a written naming or dedication proposal to the School Board. Naming or dedication proposals should include information relating to the criteria below, along with any other information the person or group making the proposal deems appropriate for the Board’s consideration.
  2. If the Board determines that a naming or dedication proposal requires further study, or if the naming or dedication is at the Board’s initiative, the Board may establish a committee to evaluate the proposal, or to determine a specific process for naming a specific building or facility or dedicating an area of a specific building or facility.
  3. The final decision to name or rename a building or facility, or to dedicate or re-dedicate any building or facility area shall be made by the Board by way of formal resolution, which may be approval of a written proposal or Board committee recommendation.
  4. In making a naming or dedication decision the Board shall apply the criteria set forth below.


The following four criteria are listed in order of priority.

A name for building, facility, or area shall be derived from or refer to:

  1. The community, location, road, or street where the public-school building is located;
  2. A significant and distinguishable landmark or geographical feature which is associated with the school’s location;
  3. The mascot of a district school;
  4. A person who made significant contributions to the district in which the school building or facility is located, following these criteria:
    a. Deceased a minimum of ten years;
    b. Exceptional service to or on behalf of public-school students or schools;
    c. Outstanding citizenship and character;
  5. A person who made a significant philanthropic or financial contribution made by
    the person to the school district.

First Read: September 20, 2022
Second Read: October 4, 2022
Adopted: October 4, 2022