EBB — Safe Schools

The Board recognizes that effective learning and teaching takes place in a safe, secure and welcoming environment and that safe schools contribute to improved attendance, increased student achievement and community support.

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EBCB – Fire Drills

Fire drills will be scheduled by the building principal pursuant to state statute and/or the New Hampshire Department of Safety. Exceptions to the frequency of such drills may be granted pursuant to state law.

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EBCC – Bomb Threats

The School Board recognizes that bomb threats are a significant concern to the schools. Whether the threat is real or a hoax, a bomb threat represents a potential danger to the safety and welfare of students,

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EBCE – School Closings

No school, office, or system event cancellation or delay will be made without the direct authorization of the Superintendent of Schools. In the event the Superintendent is unavailable, such decisions will be made by the Assistant Superintendent or designee.

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ECAC – Vandalism

Vandalism is defined as the willful damaging, destruction or defacing of school-owned property.
This definition also applies to any deliberate tampering with or misuse of district computer
network services or equipment.

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EFAA — Meal Charging

The District encourages all parents and guardians (hereinafter “parents”) to provide a healthy breakfast and lunch for their student(s). Parents are welcome to send students to school with a “brown bag/lunch box”

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EFE – Vending Machines

The installation and use of vending machines in the schools will be to complement the school lunch program, and encourage students and staff in good eating habits. Contents of vending machines will be in compliance with Policy JLCF,

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EHAA-F: Agreement for Authorized Use of School-Owned Materials

In accordance with the Contoocook Valley School District Acceptable Use Policy:

No school equipment may be used for other than school, school related, civic, or education purposes.

The Board will permit school equipment to be loaned to staff members when such use is related to their employment and to students when the equipment is to be used in connection with their studies or extra-curricular activities. 

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EI – Risk Management

The School Board recognizes its responsibility for properly managing the resources of the school system. This responsibility includes concern for the safety of students, employees and the public, as well as concern for protecting the system’s property from loss.

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