DB – Annual Budget

One of the primary responsibilities of the School Board is to secure adequate funds to carry out a high-level program of instruction.

The adopted annual school budget is the financial outline of the District’s educational program; it is the legal basis for the establishment of tax rates. The annual school budget process is an important function of District operations and should serve as a means to improve communications within the school organization and with the residents of the community.

The Superintendent will be responsible for preparing, and presenting to the Board for adoption, the annual school budget. The Board expects the Superintendent to work closely with the principals and other administrators to assess the needs of the schools. The principals will confer with appropriate staff in obtaining budgetary requests and information on requirements.

Legal References:

RSA 32:4, Preparation of Budgets: Estimate of Expenditures and Revenues
RSA 32:5, Budget Preparation
RSA 197:5-a, School meetings and Officers: Budget

Category: R

1st Read: September 18, 2012
2nd Read: November 13, 2012
Adopted: November 13, 2012