ECAC – Vandalism

Vandalism is defined as the willful damaging, destruction or defacing of school-owned property.
This definition also applies to any deliberate tampering with or misuse of district computer
network services or equipment. It shall also include the willful damaging, destruction or
defacing of property used by the school district in conjunction with related services such as
school buses, on field trips, and other school-sponsored events that may occur off-campus.
Students found to have vandalized school property will face discipline in accordance with
applicable School Board policies. The Building Principal is authorized to report such acts of vandalism to local law enforcement authorities. Additionally, the District may seek financial
reimbursement from either the student(s) or the students’ parent/legal guardians for such damage caused.

If the vandalism is caused by someone other than a student of the District, the District
may proceed with all legal remedies available to it under the law, including criminal prosecution.

When vandalism is discovered, the administration is directed to take such steps as are necessary to identify the vandals. If students have taken part in vandalism, the Building Principal shall:

1. Identify the students involved;
2. Notify the students’ parents/legal guardians;
3. Decide upon disciplinary and/or legal action;
4. Take any constructive actions needed to guard against further student misbehavior;
5. Seek appropriate restitution.

Category: O

See Also Policies JICD, JICDD

1st Read: February 4, 2014
2nd Read: March 4, 2014
Adopted: March 4, 2014