EBBC – Emergency Care and First Aid (Student Accidents and Accident Reports)

All school personnel have responsibilities regarding injuries and emergencies as follows:

1. Administering first aid and/or summoning medical assistance
2. Notifying administration
3. Notifying parents/guardians
4. Filing accident reports

School personnel must use reasonable judgment in handling accident cases. Caution should be exercised not to minimize or maximize any injuries or emergency. Personnel will understand the proper steps to be taken in the event of an injury or emergency, including appropriate activation of EMS and obtaining additional staff assistance when possible. Personnel shall also understand their role as it relates to the District’s Emergency Response Plan.

If a school nurse or licensed practical nurse is not available to a school for any reason, at least one other person who has a current first aid and cardiopulmonary certification (CPR), including AED training, (automated external defibrillator) will be available (per Ed 306.12). Also required is annual training of the Health Office delegatee and other authorized staff in assisting in the administration of an Epi-pen, a metered dose inhaler, and/or an opioid antagonist. Being available means they must be on school grounds during school hours or present at scheduled school activities so that they can provide emergency care immediately, without prior notification to parents/guardians. However, parents/guardians shall be promptly notified after emergency assistance has been provided.

All accidents judged to be other than minor require an accident report to be filled out and filed with the Principal and SAU Office within 24 hours of the incident per policy EBBB.

The District makes it possible for parents to subscribe to student accident insurance at low rates. The program is offered each year during September. The District does not provide student accident insurance.

At the beginning of each school year, the Principal shall review the policy on accidents and accident reporting with staff. Each school may adopt procedures consistent with this policy for its effective implementation.

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Legal Reference:
         RSA 200:40, Ed 306.12

See also:  JLCE

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1st Read: February 16, 2016
2nd Read: April 5, 2016
Adopted: April 5, 2016