BDB — Board Officers

  1. At the first meeting of the School Board after the District Voting in March, the Board shall elect a Chairperson and a Vice-Chairperson. Candidates for Chairperson shall have served at least two years as a member of the Board. Candidates for Vice-Chairperson shall have served at least one year as a member of the Board.
  2. Method of Election.  Candidates for each office shall declare in writing their candidacy at the first Board meeting in February of each year.  Each candidate shall have the opportunity to speak to their qualifications at the following meeting and answer questions from Board members.

In the event that Board members may be leaving the Board, the candidates to replace them shall be invited and encouraged to attend this meeting.

The election of the Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson shall be done by a roll-call vote at the first meeting of the School Board after the District Voting in March.  A plurality of votes cast during this open roll-call vote will be sufficient to elect a candidate.

  1. Term Limits.

The length of term for these offices shall be one year.  A Board member may serve as either Chairperson or Vice-Chairperson, or four terms in a combination of these offices.

  1. Duties.

The Chairperson shall preside at all meetings and shall not originate or second motions; however, the Chairperson shall have the right to vote on all matters before the Board.   The Chairperson shall consult with the Superintendent on the preparation of the agenda for each meeting, shall call special meetings as needed, shall have authority to sign contracts and other instruments as approved by the Board in its name and on its behalf, and shall have such other powers and duties as the Board may determine.

The Vice-Chairperson shall have the powers and duties of the Chairperson in his/her absence or for the duration of the disability, and such other powers and duties as the Board may determine.

  1. Resignation of Chairperson.

In the event that a Chairperson shall resign or be otherwise unable to serve a full term, the Vice-Chairperson shall assume the role of Chairperson.  The Board will decide whether to elect an interim Vice Chairperson. If so, the aforementioned election procedure will be followed.

  1. Other Officers.


The Secretary of the School Board is hired by the Superintendent subject to approval by the Board.  The Secretary shall be responsible for Board correspondence when directed by the Chairperson.  The Secretary shall attend all board meetings and keep an accurate record of all proceedings which she/he shall sign.

She/He shall have custody of the record books and documents of the School Board, which are to be available for public inspection at all reasonable times.  She/He shall be responsible to the Superintendent in performance of duties.

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Category:  R

1st Read:  May 17, 2016

2nd Read:  June 7, 2016

Adoption: June 7, 2016