EFE – Vending Machines

The installation and use of vending machines in the schools will be to complement the school lunch program, and encourage students and staff in good eating habits. Contents of vending machines will be in compliance with Policy JLCF, Student Wellness Policy.

Vending machines may be operated by the school food services department. The funds derived from such sales will accrue to the food service program revenue budget.

Vending machines may also be operated by the school. The funds derived from such operation will accrue to the internal accounts fund for the individual school.

Each machine will be clearly marked with notice of which group will operate the machine. The revenue and sales from each machine will be deposited and accrued to the general operating accounts of each respective group.

The Food Services Director and Principal(s) will submit to the Business Administrator annual financial reports on each account.

Category: O

See Also Policy JLCF

1st Read: June 4, 2013
2nd Read: June 18, 2013
Adopted: June 18, 2013