KMB – Relations With Booster Organizations

The Contoocook Valley School Board recognizes that the endeavors and objectives of booster organizations and similar groups can be a valuable means of stimulating interest in and endorsement of the aims and achievements of our public school system.

Generally, actions initiated by boosters provide the atmosphere and climate to weld together desirable community-school relationships.

At any time, the District may establish an All Sports Booster Club whose purpose is to raise funds for athletic needs by acting as an official arm of the school district and by carrying the name of the school and/or district (i.e., CVHS All Sports Booster Club).  This booster club will be directed by a Committee of Trustees (to include the CVHS Athletic Director) who will oversee official fund raising efforts to include seasonal sports program sales, concession stand sales, and other efforts as approved by the district School Board.  All monies raised may be used to purchase goods and/or services not covered under the regular budget, at the discretion of the building principal (or designee), and the approval of the Business Administrator.

The second type of organization is community-based or sport-specific booster club whose purpose is to raise funds in support of particular athletic teams and/or programs, (i.e., Friends of Baseball). Except for those boosters already in existence and who are subject to ConVal District policies (Football and Hockey), this type of booster club may not carry the name of the ConVal district nor one of the ConVal schools.

All funds received by the District from these organizations will be considered donations to the particular program or programs.  Any amount or (value of goods) over $500 must be accepted at a School Board Meeting. Such funds may be used to purchase goods and/or services for a specific athletic program as designated by the booster club and approved by the building principal (or designee), and the Business Administrator.

1st Read:  April 5, 2016

2nd Read:  April 19, 2016

Adopted:  April 19, 2016