GBEBC – Employee Gifts And Solicitations


All employees are prohibited from accepting things of material value from companies or organizations that do business with the District. Exceptions to this policy are the acceptance of minor items that are generally distributed by the companies through public relations programs.


No organization may solicit funds from staff members within the schools, nor may anyone distribute flyers or other materials related to fund drives through the schools, without prior approval of the Superintendent. Staff members will not be made responsible, nor will they assume responsibility for, the collection of any money or distribution of any fund drive within the schools unless such activity has the Superintendent’s approval.

The School Board expects such fundraising activities to be kept to a minimum. The Superintendent shall seek direction from the Board in instances where prior practice offers no guidance about a particular fund drive.

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See also KH

1st Read: February 19, 2013
2nd Read: March 5, 2013
Adopted: March 5, 2013