IL – Evaluation Of Curricular Programs

The Superintendent or his/her designee will evaluate the curriculum programs in accordance with Board policies and state guidelines. The Superintendent will report annually to the Board on the progress the District is making towards the attainment of its educational goals and improving student performance.

The ConVal School District is committed to a major curriculum review in all curriculum areas at least once in every five years. Each review will involve personnel from all levels (elementary, middle, and high school.) Results will be published and reported to the School Board.

Five Year Curriculum Review Process Schedule:

Year 1 – Evaluate current curriculum and programs and programs and review program options
Year 2 – Pilot and review programs
Year 3 – Systematic adoption of new program
Year 4 – Implementation with review and refining
Year 5 – Continue implementation with review and refining

Legal References:

NH Code of Administrative Rules, Section Ed 306.24(c)(4), Evaluation of Curriculum

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See also ILBA

1st Reading: December 2, 2008
2nd Reading: March 31, 2009
Adoption: March 31, 2009