Strategic Organizational Committee

The ConVal Regional School District annually updates this five-year Strategic Plan to serve our stated mission, vision, and values, as well as to facilitate five important budgetary functions:

  • Monitor the District’s achievement of goals against the Strategic Plan
  • Working with the administration and community members, develop the Strategic Plan
  • Update the Board on progress of development of or success against the Strategic Plan
  • Present the Plan to the Board for approval

Goal 1: Student Achievement/Performance

Recognizing that the primary mission of the ConVal Regional School District is student learning, the ConVal Regional School District will provide high quality educational opportunities for all students that foster academic growth, the acquisition of identified critical skills, and the development of dispositions that lead to success in higher education and the workplace.

Goal 2: Culture & Community

Recognizing the importance of maintaining a strong, supportive culture among students, staff, families, and fellow ConVal citizens, the ConVal Regional School District will work with these groups to foster a responsive, caring, and high-achieving culture where all feel highly engaged, valued, and included.

Goal 3: Organizational Structure

Recognizing the importance of aligning our schools and staffing with the current best practices, demographic realities, and geographic challenges, the ConVal Regional School District will develop an organizational structure to ensure that all students receive the most equitable high- quality resources and opportunities available.

Goal 4: Operations (including Personnel, Leadership, Facilities, and Technology)

Recognizing that maintaining high-quality learning environments and highly competent staffing is necessary to ensure student success, the ConVal Regional School District will effectively research, plan, and implement best practices around facilities, personnel, leadership, and technology.

The Strategic Plan committee typically meets every second Thursday of the month.

School Board
Tom Burgess
Richard Dunning
Alan Edelkind
Dan Harper
Liz Swan 

Kimberly Rizzo Saunders, Superintendent
Ann Forrest, Assistant Superintendent
Brian Cisneros, Business Administrator

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