DA – Fiscal Management Plan

The Board recognizes the importance of excellent fiscal management in managing public resources to achieve the goals of the educational plan of the district. The board will be vigilant in fulfilling its responsibilities to see that these funds are used wisely to achieve the purpose for which they are allocated.

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DB – Annual Budget

One of the primary responsibilities of the School Board is to secure adequate funds to carry out a high-level program of instruction.

The adopted annual school budget is the financial outline of the District’s educational program;

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DFA – Investment

The School Board authorizes the School District Treasurer working in conjunction with
the Superintendent and his/her designee and pursuant to RSA 197:23-a to invest the funds of the
District subject to the following objectives and standards or care.

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DIA – Fund Balance


The purpose of this policy is to establish guidelines for the District’s fund balances in order to maintain and improve financial stability and to protect the District from unforeseen budgetary situations such as emergencies,

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DIB – Trust Funds

Per NH Statute 198:20-c, and RSA 35:1-c, any town, school district, county, or village district may establish a reserve fund for the maintenance and operation of a specific public facility or type of facility,

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DID – Fixed Assets


The ConVal School District has invested in a broad range of capital assets that are used in the school system’s operations. The Superintendent will designate the person responsible for managing the District’s capital assets and maintaining the fixed assets inventory.

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DIE – Audits

The books and accounts of the District shall be audited yearly. The audit to be performed will meet the single audit procedures prescribed by the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB).

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DJ – Purchasing

The function of purchasing is to serve the educational program by providing the necessary supplies, equipment, and services.

The acquisition of supplies, equipment, and services will be centralized in the business office,

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DJD — Local Purchasing

It shall be the policy of the school district to purchase locally, provided goods of equal quality and at competitive prices are available from local suppliers.

The district purchasing agent should not feel bound to purchase any item locally that can be secured at a saving to the school district from outside sources,

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DKA – Payroll Procedures

All wages earned by employees will be paid through the business office.

Payroll procedures are dependent on accurate accounting of hours worked. The process for this will be established by the Superintendent and carried out by administrative personnel.

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