JLIE — Student Automobile Use

Improper or unsafe use of a motor vehicle on school grounds can result in suspension from school (in-school or out-of-school) for a period of time not exceed five (5) days. Driving a motor vehicle from school grounds during the school day without authorization will be considered improper use of a motor vehicle and will be considered grounds for discipline, up to and including suspension.

Parking at the school is a privilege granted by the school and the privilege will be withdrawn if it is abused.
Prior to driving or parking on school grounds, students will be required to register motor vehicles in the main office and will be required to have a school sticker on the motor vehicle.

Due to pedestrian traffic in the area of the school speed should not exceed 15 mph.
Violations of regulations will result in suspension of the right to drive on school property.

Category: R

1st Read: April 18, 2017
2nd Read: May 2, 2017
Adopted: May 2, 2017