JIHB — Searches of Student Automobiles on School Property

Parking of student automobiles on school property is a privilege and not a right. This policy shall serve as notice to both parents and students that, as part of this privilege, the district regulates what may be stored in vehicles and may search students’ automobiles while parked on school property if the district has reasonable suspicion that a violation of school rules, the law or policy has occurred. Students who park in school parking lots and parents/guardians who allow their minor child to park on school property are deemed to have given consent to having their automobiles searched in the event of such reasonable suspicion.

The school parking lots are deemed part of the Safe School Zone. Students are prohibited from the storage of prohibited drugs, drug paraphernalia or weapons in vehicles that are parked in the Safe School Zone. All employees, volunteers and students are responsible for enhancing safety and the effective implementation of district policies on school property and thus are required to timely report to the building principal when they have reason to believe that prohibited drugs, drug paraphernalia, or weapons are present in a student’s vehicle.

Any student/parent who bars a search shall have their student’s parking privilege revoked. When a student/parent bars access, and there is reasonable suspicion of a potential violation of the law, the principal shall contact law enforcement.

The building principal, shall, when any information rises to the level of reasonable suspicion, inform the student, (and when not an adult student, their parent/guardian), of his/her intent to search the vehicle and may conduct a search of the vehicle. The principal shall contact law enforcement when it appears that the student conduct not only violates District policy(ies) but is criminal in nature.

A student shall not be permitted to park on campus if they or their parent/guardian indicate that they do not intend to permit a search of the vehicle in the event of reasonable suspicion that there has been a violation of school rules, the law, or District policy.

When the principal conducts a search of a vehicle, he/she shall fill out a vehicle search form, which will be maintained by the District.

The District may post notices regarding this policy indicating that student parking is by permission only and subject to search.

Legal Reference:
NH Constitution, Pt.1, Art.19

     Appendix JIHB-R

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See also: JIH, JIHB-R

1st Read: September 18, 2018
2nd Read: October 2, 2018
Adopted: October 2, 2018