LEB – Advanced Coursework/Advanced Placement Courses & STEM Dual & Concurrent Enrollment Program

A. Advanced Course Work/Advanced Placement Courses

Any student who is capable of and wishes to do advanced course work or take advanced placement classes while in high school should be permitted to do so. School district administrators and school counselors will aid students who wish to enroll in such courses. If advanced course work or advanced placement courses are not available within the School District, administrators or school counselors are instructed to assist students in identifying alternative means of taking such classes. This may include taking courses through the Dual and Concurrent Enrollment Program, at a different public school, a private school, through distance education courses, or other suitable means.
Any student who has met the coursework prerequisites may enroll in a course. Credit may be given, provided the course comports with applicable District policies and state standards. The District will not be responsible for any tuition, fees, or other associated costs incurred by the student for enrollment in such courses.

B. STEM Dual and Concurrent Enrollment Program

High School and Career Technical Education Center qualified students in grades 10 through 12 may participate in the Dual and Concurrent Enrollment Program, through which a student may earn both High School and College credits by enrolling in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), STEM-related courses designated by the Community College System of New Hampshire (“CCSNH”), and/or career and technical education courses.
The Superintendent shall be responsible for coordinating any agreements with CCSNH, and other measures necessary to implement and maintain the Dual and Concurrent Enrollment Program within the District. The Superintendent shall also designate a point of contact for the program who can provide for student counseling, support services, course scheduling, managing course forms and student registration, program evaluation, course transferability, and assisting with online courses. The Superintendent or his/her designee shall establish regulations for the program which, among other things, will:

  1. Require compliance with measurable educational standards and criteria approved by the CCSNH;
  2. Require that courses meet the same standard of quality and rigor as courses offered on campus by CCSNH;
  3. Require that program and courses comply with the standards for accreditation and program development established by the National Alliance for Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships;
  4. Establish criteria for student eligibility to participate in the program;
  5. Establish standards for course content;
  6. Establish standards for faculty approval;
  7. Establish program coordination and communication requirements;
  8. Address tuition, fees, textbooks and materials, course grading policy, data collection, maintenance, and security, revenue and expenditure reporting, and a process for renewal of the agreement;
  9. Require annual notification to high school students and their parents of Dual and Concurrent Enrollment opportunities.

Legal References:
RSA 188-E:25 through RSA 188-E:26-28
Ed 306.14(a)(6), Advanced Coursework

Category: Priority/Required by Law
Identical policy: IHCD
Related policy: IKF

District Policy History:
First Read: April 5, 2022
Second Read: April 19, 2022
Adoption: April 19, 2022